It was a surprising scene to behold last week Sunday when the famous Abuja pastor that predicted Ebola gave a Nollywood actor his brand new Toyota Sequoia and half a million cash gift.

According to Stella Dimokokorkus, Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi is currently swimming in abundant testimonies as Abuja based prophet, Bro. Joshua Iginla dashed him a brand new Toyota Sequoia and cash gift of N550, 000

The controversial actor was said to have worshiped at the Champions Royal Assembly Church, Kubwa in Abuja on Sunday, March 22, 2015. And while ministering, Bro. Joshua Iginla located him out of the crowd and said ‘he saw that he has fame but lacked the substance to back it up’.

Pastor Iginla then ordered that one of his new automobiles, a Toyota Sequoia jeep with registration no BGM 973AE be given to the actor. He also gave him a cash gift of N300, 000 for fuel while two members of the church also gave him N250, 000 as gift which equals N550, 000.
“There are people who are laughing at you. They look at you and say you are not supposed to be where you are. You have met with opportunities and lost them. Today is your day. God has spoken and I’m going to pray for you. There is an ancestral power from your father’s house fighting you. You would have died but it was a narrow escape that God used to preserve your life. The kind of glory, star and destiny God has given you are what the enemies are fighting with. This is fame but the substance to back it up has been taken away.

Those people you are better than, it is now like you are running towards them. You are going to laugh at those mocking you. Do you know that God remembers his children? He has remembered you. Look at what happens to you, many a time; you sit down out of depression and think about the height where you are. You are trying to take yourself back but it hasn’t been easy. Do you know what God said I should tell you? You will rise again! Can I talk to you Sir? Look at me, have I ever talked to you before? Can I ask you few questions? Where is your car?”, the pastor asked the actor.

The dumbfounded actor replied, ‘the only one I have has been sold’. Do you know why I asked you? I see you trekking which is why people are laughing at you”. He was said to have been overwhelmed to the point of shedding tears of joy.

Actor Solomon Akiyesi became unpopular a few years back when he left his 8 months pregnant wife in Port Harcourt and came to Lagos to marry his mistress, Uloma Agwu. The pregnant wife was at the wedding and it was eventually cancelled.



1.Possibly some people might have been saying his former wife cursed him and  had a hand in his using “footwagon”

2.How does a car turn around the life of a man?What about his residence?Will it go along with the vehicle?Why not let him go for a relevant course to advance him further say in film production/directing and loaning him money to produce one? Like teaching him how to fish!

3.Now that everyone knows he was dashed a jeep and money how will  “laughing at him” stop?

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