She turns heads whenever she appears in public with her body hugging outfits.

Songbird Jean Masters was the centre of attraction at a recent muical show in Zimbabwe

With her outfits, she is that type of woman lustful men stare at whenever she passes by.

Jean dresses to kill whether on stage or off stage and is aware that men are ‘scanning’ her with their lust filled eyes.

She says the it’s her dresscode even if she is home and has since employed a designer to work on her outfits.

She makes sure that she appears with a new outfit at eveyr public outing.

“I grew up like that. I like such outfits that reflect my real body. I know that most men admire the attire but that’s me and I wont change because of that. I wear such outfits even when I am home, going to the shops,” she says.

Jean said her designer does measurements before the garment is made.

“That’s my wardrobe and I have a designer who is responsible for that. We do the measurements first and that is why most of my outfits fit me perfectly,” says Jean.

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