AFROCANDY EMERGES AND YOU SMELL SEX,PORN OR NUDITY AS USUALI Don’t Do Porn But Can Act Nude For The Right Amount – Afrocandy

Judith Mazagwu, popularly known as AfroCandy, is one of Nigeria’s actresses whose raunchy photos and videos have drawn widespread criticism.

From her US base, she had an EXCLUSIVE Interview with correspondent, where she explained in details that she does not do pornography.

You have put in quite a number of years into movies which a lot of people are not quite aware of. Could you kindly mention a few of those movies, especially the one that shot you into limelight?

I have done others like Dwelling in Darkness & Sorrows, Dangerous Sisters, The Real Player, End Of The Game, Between Love, Heaven Must Shake, My Experience, Ghetto Crime, Beyond Green Pastures, Ticket To Europe, Disciples of Death, Desperate Women, How Did I Get Here, The Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs, Cultures, The Grass is Greener, The will, You and I, Ikebe Squad, Get The Money, Ghetto Idols, Killer from the Grave, and many others but the most prominent movies that I have done are my own. They are Destructive Instinct Part 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Many are of the opinion that Afrocandy is either a prostitute or a hooker, could you clarify these assumptions?

I am neither a prostitute nor am I a hooker. I am an actress, entertainer, producer and director. I am a media brand, an A-list brand entity. I am a creative artist, and I work and master my art in movies and entertainment. Never have I done porn nor prostitution. NEVER EVER!

But, how do we explain the movies you produced, Destructive Instinct?

The movies I created have strong storyline and visuals. The storyline and story telling are explicit so I had to make it visually descriptive in nature. Destructive Instinct is a movie that I created and developed that entices the storyline and story in general, it is not porn at all, it is a work of art and movie that is depicted on how the story is being portrayed in the public sense.

I have watched some of your movies via your website and they looked quite real. Did the people actually have sex in the movie or they were just make-believe scenes?

In acting you have to make certain scenes real and others are developed and created within the storyline… It is acting, this the business I am in, ACTING. Telling a story to the masses.

How do your children react to people who bad-mouth Afrocandy?

My children don’t focus on people bad mouthing me. My children are focused on education. I have two very intelligent, smart, beautiful young women. They are young adults. They don’t take heed to the negative energy, they are educated, focused on their education. I have a daughter in a prestigious university in the United States and my other daughter is in a prestigious high school, soon to be in college. They are on the honor roll in their respective schools. They are attaining top grades in school. They are at the top of their classes. My daughters are far from worried about negative energy or rumors from ignorant people. They are concentrating on their studies.

Would you encourage any of your children to go into acting?

I encourage them to get a college education and then get a graduate degree, and then after they are grown enough to decide to do what they want. To me their education is more important. I want them to finish their education in the graduate college level first, then after they can do whatever their hearts desires. It is up to them what they want to do with their lives, but first they must attain a proper college graduate level education. This all I ask of both of my daughters.

Can you act nude? If yes, for what amount? If no, what are your reasons?

I have acted nude in my own movie Destructive Instinct. I don’t know if I would act nude for any certain amount. For me to act nude for someone else’s movie, they would have to pay me a big amount of cash, and percentages of royalty of the movie that they are making. Who knows, I don’t know, one can never know something like that until someone presents an offer that I can’t resist to actually do nude, but it will cost definitely.

Many also are of the opinion that your raunchy photos are a way of seeking attention since they do not really know much about you.

People and critics are always going to talk, so I let leave them to continue speaking. They don’t know what they are saying, let them continue to say my name Afro Candy. All I care about are my fans who support me and close family and friends. I care about my craft in entertainment whether it is acting, directing, producing, singing or my online platform that I own and present These are the only things that I care about.. So let the critics, haters and people talk. May God Bless them all.

How have you managed to stay afloat despite all these scandals associated to you?
I’m more than managing , I am still a household name.. I am doing fine, maybe even more then fine. Yes I am doing well.

You have also maintained your beauty and skin, how have you been able to handle those?
I eat healthy, and I exercise. I don’t eat junk food but I take care of my skin using natural products. I don’t eat a lot of wahala nonsense junk food. I eat homemade Nigerian food, herbs and spices. I monitor my diet and what foods I take.

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