Fashola claims he spent the sum of N1.5Billion of un-appropriated funds, without approval in demolishing and planting grass at Oshodi. No newspaper reported this.

Between January and June 2009, Fashola’s Chief of Staff and PAs spent N290 million in sending TEXT Messages and making phone CALLS on their lines.Of course, no newspaper reported this.

P.S: Please, someone, kindly remind me – what did Stella Oduah do again? SMH.

Now, permit me to introduce Dr. Tunji Olowolafe. He is the owner of DEUX PROJECT LIMITED. He is Bola Tinubu and Babatunde Fashola’s crony. He is also their biggest proxy. Most contracts that Fashola awards to himself are done using DEUX PROJECT LIMITED. For instance, between January and August 2009, 11 out of 19 contracts in the Lagos State Ministry of health were awarded to this company. Out of N5.6Billion contract in the Ministry of Health, Olowolafe alone collected N5.1Billion worth and was paid 70 percent upfront in cash.No newspaper or other news media reported this.

For a State that earns averagely N360Billion, annually, from taxes, isn’t it befuddling that its state-own University, LASU, cannot boast of a hostel facility? Yet, Fashola had the temerity to increase school fees from N25k to N250K.No newspaper has ever written a report or editorial about this.

Remember the Bank of Industry (BOI) building at Lagos Island that partially collapsed in March, 2006?On the 21st of September, 2008 the building was eventually demolished. Now guess how much Fashola spent to demolish it? A whooping N1.5Billion! Please, be reminded that this amount is just to demolish a building. Not to build one. Anyway, that isn’t the end of the story. The government of Lagos, a.k.a Fashola administration, later acquired the land (Layeni’s compound) adjacent to the demolished building in the “public interest”. He later resold it to his proxy Tunji Olowolafe.No newspaper has ever reported this.

During the Bola Tinubu administration, he awarded the construction of City Hall for N2.3Billion. When Fashola later came on board, he increased the contract sum to N5.2Billion. This project was increased by 126%. The only input he eventually made to City Hall was to change the floor tiles to marble tiles.The news media conveniently missed this news item.

The SSA (Media) to Fashola spends approximately N200million quarterly on press coverage and on news media editors. In other words, it is from this money that news media editors are paid to gag them from reporting anything unsavoury about Fashola or his administration. Note that this fund is outside the approved budget, but funded directly from the Governor’s Office. Now, you know why no news media outlets broadcast or publish anything negative about Fashola and his administration. Also, propaganda against their political adversaries is fuelled by this largesse to the media authorities.Of course, this is not the sort of news that Sahara Reporters report about.

The Critical Care unit at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) in Ikeja, built and equipped with state funds, is now owned personally by Fashola’s god-father, Bola Tinubu. He put one Dr. Sikiru Tinubu, (a supposed cousin of his) to run the outfit. It is run as a private unit and the proceeds are pocketed by the duo. The unit charges its users exorbitantly and most Lagosians can hardly afford to pay its high charges. Most of the revenue is derived from fees paid by the State Government for patients referred there by its General Hospitals.Oddly, this news item evaded all news media.

Fashola’s god-father, Bola Tinubu, converted all the plots of land where Lagos Polytechnic was located at Ikosi, near the old toll gate. He chased away the Polytechnic in 2006 and went ahead to allocate the choice plots to himself. The headquarters of Television Continental (TVC) and Radio Continental, which is owned by him, is currently located there. He deprived the youths of Lagos of decent education because of his primitive desire to acquire every real estate that he can lay his hands on in Lagos.As to be expected,Television Continental (TVC) and Radio Continental did not report this.

Lagos State generates an Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) of an average of N25Billion to N30Billion Monthly (At least, that is what they declare. It could be more). The company that is contracted to collect IGR is Alpha Beta Consultants (ABC). The company is owned by Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The company collects 10% commission of taxes collected in Lagos. This amounts to between N2.5Billion to N3Billion monthly. On what basis is this 10% commission when the same work can be done by the Lagos State Board of Internal Revenue?No newspaper has ever written a report or editorial about this.

Fashola administration once spent N1Billion Naira on “bangers” and fireworks during the New Year Crossover Night. This is a state that its university – Lagos State University (LASU) – cannot boast of a hostel facility.No newspaper reported this.

Between January and June 2009, now guess how much Fashola claimed to have used to fuel the fleet of vehicles attached to his office alone? Please, brace up for the figure.N135 million!This amounts to about N800, 000 per day. Interestingly, this was at a time that petrol was sold for N65 per litre, and we all know that government always gets it cheaper. But Fashola claimed to have bought it at N85 per litre.This particular revelation surfaced at a time when members of the Lagos State House of Assembly were looking for a reason to impeach him in 2010. These “Honourables”, led by the Speaker of the house – Adeyemi Ikuforiji, are loyal to Bola Tinubu. They were angry with Fashola for daring to suggest a downward review of the 10% that their god-father, Tinubu, earns from all collected taxes in Lagos. Thus, this revelation came to light. However, when the rift between Tinubu and his prodigal god-son, Fashola, was settled, the case was magically swept under the rug.Of course, this news never made the press.

During the Bola Tinubu administration, the LASU IBA road was awarded for N6.2Billion. In less than two weeks when Fashola came on board, the amount was jerked up to N10 Billion. The reason for this reckless increase was never stated.No newspaper reported this.

Fashola awarded the contract for the reconstruction of part of Western Avenue (Funsho Williams Road). The road is a two kilometers road (between Abalti Barracks and Costain). The project was carried out by Julius Berger. This 2 KM road costs a staggering N7.7 Billion. Mind you, the contract didn’t include the construction of any bridge.No newspaper reported this.

The prime land of 157 hectares with 2.5km of Atlantic beachfront valued at about N10billion and stolen by Tinubu from the communities of Siriwon, Igbekodo, Apakin, etc in Ibeju-Lekki Local Government and given to Mr. Ibukun Fakeye (his crony) to build a golf course and luxury villa with little or no compensation to the villagers. In addition, Tinubu paid $20million (N4billion) out of public treasury to Ibukun Fakeye to commence the project in late 2006. Fashola has since released additional funding for this project, which is not owned by the state government.TVC and Radio Continental will never report this.



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