Ndi Eze, Igbo Chiefs Endorse Buhari & Ambode, Urge Ndigbo Living In Lagos To Vote For APC

Ndi Eze, a group of Igbo traditional rulers living in Lagos state has urged all their people living in Lagos to vote for Buhari and Akinwunmi Ambode.

They urged all Ibos living in Lagos to vote for APC because the party will protect their interest both in Lagos State and Nigeria.

Eze Ndigbo, the leader of Ndigbo in Lagos State, Christian Uchechukwu Nwachukwu said this during a press briefing that held yesterday in Festac town.

Eze said he made up his mind to endorse the change agents after his consultation with all stakeholders of Ndigbo resident in Lagos.

He, therefore asked his people to vote for APC from the ward level to the national level.
“Igbos were appointed as commissioner, board directors, personal assistants, supervisors in both in local governments and state government,” he stated.

He disclosed that Igbo leaders have extracted a commitment from Ambode to accommodate more Igbos in his administration if voted into power.

Eze Ndigbo said that the Igbos in Lagos will soon stage an independent rally to mobilise other groups to vote for APC.


1.Igweeeeee thunder fire u oooo….for misleading pple because the peanut u collected…the bribe will purge u and ur family…we have other credible igbomen running for the same seat…why nt endorse them…abi igbos can’t rule Nigeria…that is hw u pple keep selling out….our own son Godson Okoye is also aspiring for presidency…endose him…igwe alulu ala…isi ezi

2.Foolish eze who know u for our land?if u like endorse tupac shakur, greedy man.

3.Some of the APC politicians are intoxicated!

4.To blazes with the self-aclaimed Eze Ndigbo…SOB must have gotten some low change from Tinubu…By the way whose Eze are u?…Eze ndi ara!

5.Why should i vote for Ambode so that he will come again to terrorize me with KAI and LASTMA?…Do they think i am crazy?

6.Don’t mind dem…We are voting Jimmy Agbaje.Carry go man of the people Agbaje. That criminal Ambode from Ilaje in Ondo State with his ultra criminal godfather tinubu from osun state, will never ever rule lagos state again

7.I really don’t know how much this my inlaw has collected from Tinubu
that he is endorsing him for the ibos in lagos.First thing tomorrow morning i’ll be at his place to question about this new development.

8.Chai. I have really suffered in this world. Imagine the insult. Directed who? These hungry turncoats, after soiling their hands and mouths with amala and ewedu in Tinubu’s Bourdillon manor, suddenly mustered the audacity to “direct” me to vote for the Ambode! As what?

9.God punish the useless Eze,make him come take my card vote Ambode make I see.

10.Sai JK. Kai Ambode!



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