An accident happened along Festac Link Road close to Apple Junction Amuwo Odofin Festac at about 4.00 am early morning today.The guy was coming back from one of the Clubs on First Avenue Festac with a babe he picked at the club. The lady died instantly, it took several minutes to bring the girl out of the car, cos the car pinned her down. The guy was initially alive and taken to hospital, he was bleeding from the chest.But he later died too.

The late guy driving the car wasn’t the owner of the car, the real owner of the car was shocked when he came to the accident scene this morning.That Festac link Road produces too many accident almost every week. There seem to be evil always lurking on that road.

RIP to the Deceased.


1.Forget what u read from any blog, i saw the babe with her friends in front of Club Heaven close to Club Rumors on First Avenue.The owner of the car later came this morning to check his car, the guy who drove the car isn’t the owner but he stays in Amuwo Odofin. He is a young guy.There was no valentine party in Festac. I was in the club last nite too and was at the scene of the accident. When the incident happened some of her friends approached we dat had cars to take them to the scene of the accident that their friend was involved in an accident.It was other guys coming back from various clubs that had to stop to pull out the babe and the guy.They are not a couple.

2.He must have been drunk and over speeding.Many Nigerians drive in residential areas like they are driving on the express roads.They don’t know the speed limits.Speed limiters should be enforced on all vehicles in Nigeria.

3.Some dudes make a few millions, buy a Camry,go to the clubs and pop champagne all night long. Get a chick in the club and then they begin to assume the profile of ‘ALPHA MALE’ and then drive on ‘TERRIBLE’ Nigerian roads feeling like Formula 1 champions!The result is what you get ‘It is what it is’!RIP to the deceased and I hope the families find succour…

4.There no evil on any road, Nigerians and superstitious beliefs. Put on your seat belt , drive safe, no drinking while driving. The circumstances that led to the accident could be sleep or highness or over speeding.Cars don’t just turn over.It was driven. RIP to the dead.

5.CLUB HEAVEN indeed. I stopped Night Clubbing back in 2006 when I finally grew up.Why risk your life for a few hours of fun.Drink and get drunk/tipsy.Fu..ck some random girl you have no idea who she is and leave the club by 5am… Leaving yourself at the mercy of ritualists and armed robbers or not perhaps involved in an accident on your way back home. Why risk your lives my brothers and sisters.There are countless other safe and more enjoyable ways to catch your fun.

6.Forget that thing. Something must kill a man: plane crash(Bimbo Odukoya, Myles Monroe, passengers of Air Asia and Malaysian Airline, etc) car crash(Dagrin, Mc Loph, Paul Walker, etc), HIV, diseases(Muna Obiekwe, Sam Loco, Justus Esiri, etc), war and some even die in the comfort of their bedroom on their water bed. It is appointed unto man to die once. It was the appointed time for them.

7.All that you mentioned are avoidable!! Simple as that HIV dont infect under protective measures, planes don’t crash if theres no fault or good weather forecast, wars don’t kill people, people start war. Protect yourself.

8.My brother, the equilibrium of ecosystem must be maintained. People must die for people to be born. Death is a necessary end. I had a business meeting with someone on Wednesday last week only to receive a text message on Saturday of the same week that the man died on Friday night in his sleep. He had dinner, bade his family good night but he never woke up to see the next day.

9.Jeez! I pray on this day of ‘love’, its God that will show the victims love and not Lucifer himself since today is a day of love.They died in love, may God judge them with LOVE.

10.Some times I wonder why humans just choose to remain “ADAMANT”…..barely do u see any festive season without the spill of blood from the unethical behavior of human beings in the name of celebrating it vigorously… Why can’t we just learn to minimize the rate at which we carry out our patterns of celebrating various festivals?



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