A very terrible accident involving a truck and a Honda Accord

1.I saw the accident, it happened inward Adeniji. The EOD driver was on high speed and probably lost a wheel. The truck was stationary as it had broken down; The truck was the EOD’s saving grace or it would have ended in the Lagoon.From What I saw, the driver and passengers were saved by the airbags and SRS seat belts.Remember: Speed kills, and you can’t control it; the driver of the EOD was weeping, maybe because of the gbese he has incurred. NO Fatality at all!!!

2.God protect us all 24/7.Nigerians must drive with utmost care on the road. Federal Road Safety Commission must stop trucks like oil tankers and those conveying containers from using flyovers. The FRSC should check all vehicles at the ports and motor parks and those that are not road worthy should be seized. FRSC should also arrest over speeding drivers and seize their cars, SUVs or trucks and don’t release the vehicles.Such drivers should not be allowed to be on the road or street.

3.Omg!!!! sad sad.That bridge scares the shiit outta me!

4.The first time i went thru that bridge i was like who build this long snake like bridge.

5.From the way people drive here in Nigeria, i expect such things on daily basis.This is not a wish, this is just the reality.I see scary driving on daily basis.Its why almost everybody here depends on prayers for survival.We are still at the back of World Order.

6.It is well…

7.You sure say u well so? People get accident die or nearly u say it is well!

8.Sad. Anjade lo loni Eledumare.Jijade wa maje a pade agbako. Ohun ti a o je la walo. Baba,maje a pade ohun ti o je wa. GoD in Ur hands,deliver us from blood sucker/flesh eaters cry.

9.It scares me most when traffic is free on that bridge!People speed as if they forgot to unplug the boiling ring in their houses!Soooo tragic.

10.Right. That’s when they run on top speed like mad generation.

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