EXCLUSIVE: DIRTY AMBODE FORCED TO RESIGN OVER N20B THEFT! The All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate for Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode, has lied that he was not fired or forced to resign from the Lagos State Civil Service.

The former Accountant General  told the bare faced lie at a reception in his honour by Eko Club, one of the earliest and front-line membership clubs in Lagos State.

In a statement by his Director of Media and Communications, Steve Ayorinde, the APC candidate said he voluntarily retired at 49 from the Lagos state civil service in 2012.

NP can authoritatively report that Amode was to be sacked by Lagos Governor,Babatunde Fashola over the theft of N20b from the coffers of the state but was persuaded by his graft father Bola Tinubu to allow the thief a soft landing.

There were three culprits in the financial crime uncovered in 2010 by auditors in the state at the peak of the fraud allegations by the ‘True Face of Lagos’ against Fashola and the counter ones by the ‘New Face of Lagos” against Tinubu and his boys in the system.

The missing N20b was a crime involving Akin Ambode who was Accountant General of the state,Tunde Fowler the chairman of Lagos Infernal Revenue Service , Olumide Ogunmola who was the Managing Director of Alpha Betta and Rotimi Oyekan the then Finance Commmissioner.

All investigations by the state government later revealed that Ambode was at the heart of the massive heist .

This was Fashola decided to sack Ambode until Tinibu steeped in to insist that he must be given a soft landing of resignation.The least powerful governor in Nigeria was forced to bow to the dictate of the grandfather of fraud in the state.

Unknown to Fashola then,Tinubu was already preparing to crown the thief as the governor of the state.

Tinubu recently told an associate that he was not looking for a governor in Amode but “a cashier”.

Indeed Ambode is very experienced in the art of theft and the best man for the job of pillage of Lagos resources .



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