Mercedes Williams 

A mother was arrested on charges of child abuse after being caught hiding cocaine inside her baby’s diaper, police in Florida said.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said that they arrested 24-year-old Mercedes Williams, after being accused of shoving a bottle of cocaine into the baby’s diaper during a traffic stop.

The police officers at the scene said that they could smell the drugs emanating from vehicle as it drove through a police cruiser.

While questioning the driver of the vehicle, Williams was allegedly caught with her hand in the baby’s diapers. Police officers at the scene opened the baby’s diaper and found a small bottle of cocaine.

While booking Williams into jail, officers found a package of heroin in her bra. Williams was charged with child abuse, drug possession and introducing contraband into a jail.

The driver of the vehicle, 28-year-old Reginald Hadley, was charged with driving without a valid license and possession of drugs.

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