My people have a saying that goes thus…EYIN OKU A DARA O! This is a prayer containing the wish that matters relating to a dead man  be sorted out peacefully and methodically after he is gone.But we all know this prayer in many cases don’t seem to get through to heaven because of certain issues left unsettled on earth.Especially when  wives and concubines with their children are left behind!

Let’s look at two examples.

Example 1

The MD of a generally true bank died recently.But while working up his ass to make the bank a success he spent several long working hours in the office with an intelligent,hardworking beautiful lady employee of the bank.On many occasions they both closed late.But the bank with other hardworking directors continued to  grow and grow while the MD spent lesser and lesser quality time with his wife and children at home.

Probably on one of those nights the “devil” struck and our dear MD was CLINTONED by the lady employee! From there one thing led to another and the hard working employee became pregnant. Being a muslim the MD decided nothin’ spoil. After one or two kids by her the wife at home got to know and after initial normal reactions decided to be MRS CLINTON with an arrangement that the concubine should never live in the same house with them! All well and good…so far!

Next the concubine started to be rewarded with higher responsibilities and large chunks of monetary rewards by the man! Still MRS CLINTON who happens to be a lawyer remained so but kept tabs by human amebos on what was going on.

Unfortunately the husband, a respected and much-loved man in his industry became ill.Money was no problem.He had expert medical care from wherever it was available on earth.But man only proposed while God decided to call him away!Thereafter all hell broke lose between the OLORUKA (the one married through the Registry with a ring) and the concubine!

During the burial the wife placed a FATWA about seeing the concubine and her children around her.And the society magazines started speculating that a mother of all wars was coming up.But so far no one knows whether a peace deal has been reached or whether a volcanic explosion will ripple through at anytime until we gather more info for an update.

But the second story is very different.

Example 2

This man and his wife struggled together as a young newly wed couple in England.They had only one boy till they came back to naija where the man became extremely rich.

There and then the usual dovish-hawks came in telling him that the wife had become “stockfish” and could no longer bear him a child.On the other hand the wife had truly imbibed the culture and law of ONE MAN ONE WIFE.

So when she got to know that the husband was having  affairs outside a big row ensued and she eventually packed out of the house.She later met another man with whom she had two other children.But noticeably and incredibly so, she was not divorced legally by the first husband!

Meanwhile one of the women the man was having an affair with became pregnant,moved into his house and was married under native law and customs rules.She eventually bore him 4 sons and they lived ever happily thereafter.So the story ended? For whuside? Their “ever after” lasted for 25 years only! Then the man died and all hell broke loose!

The man was living in a twin duplex with the second wife and the other part of the duplex was let out as office to a well-to-do company.The man had other properties including money and property in England. And in naija the property he had was in billions.But no one knew that the first wife had been secretly tracking them!

So when the husband died she was there with her only son for the burial and other ceremonies without giving a hint of what was to happen next.But remember she was still the OLORUKA!

So her first step was to present evidence of her marriage  to authorities in England…as next of kin…to claim all his properties and money there. Next she gave two weeks notice to the concubine to move out of the house she shared with her husband for 25 years! Na so wahala come land o!

Of course the second wife did not take her seriously until one morning the first wife came with OPC and practically threw her out! She also gave notice to all tenants in her husband’s properties to pay rents when due to her lawyers or pack out!

But the most unusual thing was  the second wife/concubine  who started showing signs of being  mentally ill almost resembling a typical Nollywood movie.She was taken to her people at a place close to Ota where they were told to take her to the first wife for forgiveness! Also Nollywood-like! Of course the first wife refused to see them and in fact packed into the house where the concubine was ejected from.That was how they started moving the concubine from one church to another until it was discovered nothing dark or sinister was wrong with their sister and that it was the trauma of what she was going through that affected her psychologically.

Eventually a lawyer in her family took the matter to court asking the Lagos States’s Ministry of Justice to take over the administration of the estate.As at today that is where all the assets are domiciled while the first wife was also asked to vacate the house she moved into.

All properties have been let out and all that the first wife  took over from England to Nigeria have been brought within the estate.Estate income is being shared out on the basis of a formula recognized by Nigerian laws  with particular emphasis on the children.But of course both wife and concubine still don’t see eye to eye!

So the question is,could the man be turning in his grave? Or what do u think ?


If you have more than one wife and many children,do what is necessary today.Call your lawyer and get a will prepared.It does not matter what your age is or how loaded your bank account is.Go ahead and do what is needful today.It does not mean you will be dead now or next year.Some people have been known to prepare their wills 30 to 60 yrs before their real exit.EYIN OKU ADARA O!



  1. comment by cincinati

    Hmmm Concubines have “Liver” o!!
    They accept to be second best just to have a piece of the action.

    But I tell you, in their hearts, they never have peace and always paint a scenario of Oga going for another escape. lol!!!

    Yeah Like Umaruadidi has said, when women get married, its very important to remain stunning to your hubby and go on bended knees to the Lord at all times



    1.Hmmm, thanks for these two stories Sir Kay ( very well narrated as usual.) THREE will always be a crowd, in marriage, and a recipe for chaos. It always baffles me that most men in such situations never leave a will. Is it deliberate? CLINTONED, hahaha!Mrgreen

    2.Hahahaha…Sir Kay this story left me in stitches…am laughing here like Obj.Just like my people go say..cunny man die, cunny man bury am!! LolLolLol

    3.sometimes its deliberate but most times it out of not being prepared…but in some cases where there is a will either the wife or the concubine might go to court claiming that the man was insane when making the will…depending of course on whom the will favours…in other cases the will might disappear before it is read like the case of the father of a recently departed eminent naija!…my suggestion is that if u are the wife please keep praying for your husband…!!!…the pressure is just too much!!!!…MrgreenMrgreen

    4.I hear you Sir. A praying wife makes all the difference.

    5.Chei!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not read part 3 yet o!! But these 2 parts have sent chills down my spine!!

    6.NN, why dont you develop it into a script and sell it to Nollywood. It would make a perfect movie.

    7.WOMEN!!!!! We run the world lol!!! On a serious note sha, the first wife is a schemer o!!! Sebi she don get new hubby, so why she wan chop for two places? Maybe because of her son.

    8.They should have been civil about it and come to an agreement on who gets what.

    9.Property sharing in 9ja where there are disputes is always dangerous as some people resort to fetish means to get all that they want.


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