FASHOLA THE GREEN SNAKE DEMYSTIFIES SELF AT LAST!Many Lagosians never knew Fashola could tell such terrible lies until he tried to ambush Jimmy Agbaje on taxes. Mind you, he was not talking about Jimmy’s personal income tax which is fully paid up. Neither was he referring to vat or corporate taxes under the purview of the Federal Inland Revenue.

But our comical dancing magician dived under his toolbox to look for something…just anything… to smear Jimmy. Lo and behold, he came out cap and wand in hand to abracadabra us with land use charges!….sacre bleu!

In doing so the man who thinks he is a diva and who likes to associate himself with Pastor Adeboye at Christmas deliberately falsified information in desperation. After all Jimmy was pulling ahead than they ever imagined! Despite all Pastor Adeboye’s yuletide sermons of honesty he refused to tell Lagosians that Jimmy had paid what was due on his residence. He also had amnesia about Jimmy being commended for meeting his tax liabilities and responsibilities. He did not say PAYE payments for employees were up to date. He just had to shoot his mouth off not caring whether he made any sense or that he is eventually proved a liar as we all know now.To him anything was good enough to score a political trickery through a back door

Now Lagosians are looking at Fashola differently as a lying comedian and asking themselves: How many times must he have lied to them in the past 8 yrs? They are even getting more confused and wandering whether Ambode or Fashola is the opponent of Jimmy Agbaje in the coming gubernatorial election .Why are they not feeling Ambode in real life at the same level as the noise being made about him on radio and tv? Why is Fashola turning himself into such a nuisance? Or Is he hoping that his tracks of corruption will be covered up too?…No,Jimmy will expose all of them!


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