PILGRIMAGE TO JERUSALEM IS WASTE OF FUNDS – PASTORJoe Femi-Dagunro, a senior pastor with the Grace and Glory Chapel, Lagos, on Sunday said that Christians should not indulge in wasteful spending by taking religious trips to Jerusalem.

The cleric made the remark during an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos during the church’s inaugural Thanksgiving Service in Ikeja.

Mr. Femi-Dagunro said that as much as people could travel to see other climes, they should not attach a trip to Jerusalem as a compulsory task in the practise of Christianity.

He said that such money could be put to more productive use by building industrial and Information Technology parks for the development of the Nigerian youth.

“There is no point for us not to say the truth, if we believe in it. There is nowhere that it is written in the Bible that Christians must visit Jerusalem.

“Jesus did not say: ‘You must visit my tomb.”

“We are wasting money on such trips and that money could be used to support the youth to build industrial parks, or to develop IT parks.

“So, church leaders have a role to speak the truth and advise government on how it can do this,” the cleric said.

He also advised that churches should begin to train their members on skill acquisition, to improve themselves so as to be able to serve the church better and also get opportunities to make better living.

“It is high time that Churches began, as they schedule week days for prayer meetings, to dedicate one day for skill acquisition.

“They can train the people they use in the church, or mentor them, in order to develop the people for their good as well.”

Mr. Femi-Dagunro also urged churches to embark on more humanitarian projects such as building cottage hospitals, in addition to building universities.


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