Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Mr Jimi Agbaje, vowed, yesterday, to end what he called the looting trend in the state.

Agbaje, who rode on a commercial motorbike, popularly known as Okada, to attend a mammoth rally held at the Lagos International Trade Fair Complex, Lagos, said he would enthrone decent and more humane governance if elected as governor.

He said: “For so long, the APC leaders have been deceiving the people of Lagos. When election is coming, they will reduce school fees; when you vote them in, they’ll increase the fees. Before election, they will embrace Okada riders only to make their lives hell thereafter. They will reduce the cost of land approval before election and increase it after. This is deceit.

“As we know, the APC broom cannot sweep the mess they’ve created in Lagos. Always say amen to their prayer for change because we have had enough.

“They have been oppressing traders, discriminating against non-indigenes and they want continuity. The time has come to make change in Lagos and re-elect Jonathan to consolidate the gains of democracy that we have had under him”.

While urging voters to give Agbaje a chance and re-elect President Goodluck Jonathan, the organiser of the rally and General Overseer of the Restoration Praise Ministry for Africa, Archbishop Samson Mustapha Benjamin, said: “When you talk about democracy, you talk about freedom of speech, job creation, freedom of worship and association, as well as peaceful co-existence, these are the things that President Jonathan stand for. And that is why Nigerians will vote him back to power”.

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