MAN RAPES DANCING MATE ON STAGE WHILE PATRONS WATCH, CHEERINGHot on the heels of the story of the Harare dirty dancer who bonked a patron on stage, revellers at a council bar in Rujeko, Masvingo popularly known as Marry Me, were last week treated to a free xx movie when a suspected mentally unsound man failed to control his insatiable s*xual appetite and allegedly raped a woman in full view of the cheering patrons.

The incident, which baffled regular patrons of the popular watering hole in Rujeko C suburb, occurred around 10pm following the 34-year-old woman’s suggestive dance with Ezra Maisiri popularly known as Baba Goddy.

According to witnesses, the woman was dancing to Macheso’s Tafadzwa song with Maisiri, caressing his anaconda which was getting angrier by the minute. The woman, who was visibly drunk, made some gyrating moves, dragging the s**ually “stirred” Maisiri closer to her body with ecstatic patrons cheering. In her drunken stupor, she allegedly shoved her hand into Maisiri’s trousers after which she met her match.

“Like what mentally unsound men would do, Maisiri took no notice of the huge spectacle and tripped her to the ground and in a twinkle of an eye, he daringly mounted on top of the woman, who partly due to her level of sobriety, could not do anything but succumb to the assault,” said a patron who identified himself as Joe.

He said, surprisingly enough, instead of coming to the woman’s rescue, patrons cheered while others were busy taking videos and photos with their smart phones.

“After the ordeal, the woman, who seemed to be back to her senses, went straight to Rujeko police post, which is a shouting distance from the council beer hall, to file a formal report of rape,” added Joe.

Maisiri was arrested and when he was asked why he committed the crime, he said the woman was the one who stimulated his manhood and continued caressing him despite seeing that he was aroused.

“I could not control myself because the pressure she was exerting on me was too much. I thought she would end by caressing but she went on and touched my manhood that I could hardly resist the temptation. Despite me being visibly aroused, she continued caressing me and temptation overwhelmed me,” said Baba Goddy when asked by police.

However, Maisiri pleaded not guilty when he appeared before magistrate Langton Ndokera last week facing charges of rape. He was remanded out of custody to 21 January for trial. Ndokera also ordered Maisiri to be examined by two doctors.

Fidelicy Nyamukondiwa prosecuted.

Source: B-Metro


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