NIGERIANS  LAMBAST GEJ  ON HIS REFERENCES AT TBS TO13.So According to you Democracy is not about People’s Vote again??, If the masses of this Nation vote for their choice in the New Wind of Change…Who the heck are Ijaws to treating 170M folks?.

14.Are the Ijaws better off in the last 6yrs of JoNothing?? or you just equating Ijaw folks to Asari, Edwin Clark N Tompolo alone??. Maybe you can tell us where an Ijaw Village is at with 24/7 Electricity, Roads like I cruse in Atlanta or University like those in SA? to the satisfaction of Ijaw Masses warranting an extra 4yrs of JoNothing Mess??

15.He had chance to turn things around but messed it up. So blaming others for your failure is an admittance of failure itself. VOTE FOR CHANGE NOW

16.Promises is Synonymous with JoNothing?, GMB had proved he is an action Man with Integrity and Don’t know how old you are, I relish on those Good old days when Petrol was cheaper than what we pay for Pure Water now, when GMB build Refineries and kids like me then was able to go to the U.S. with N1500 in exchange for $3,000. Integrity = Good Governance = #GMB/PYO2015.

17.Keep Chasing Shadow, I bet you will get the Certificate before you can even get a wind of JoNothing’s fake transformation. As for such is basically an indictment on your PDP Govt, because it was under same clueless PDP mess that he had previously been a presidential candidate 3times over. Now that your he is BokoHaram among other ethno-religious game plans ain’t working again you want to distract yourself with Certificate. FYI Nigerians are much wiser now and ain’t buying the crap again but majorly saying Enough is Enough of JoNothing N PDP.

18.All progressives Nigerians are already boarding the NOAH’S SHIP,, that will commence sailing on the 14th of FeBuari to the promised land ordained by GOD Because of impending TSUNMAMI coming to SWEEP away CORRUPTION,HUNGER,,SORROW,POVERTY,UNEMPLOYMENT,POWER FAILURE, GEJ PLEASE TELL NIGERIANS YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS IN THE LAST SIX YEAR AS PRESIDENT. ARRIVAL DATE OF NOAH’S SHIP IS 29th of May ,2015!

19.This is the most incompetent president Nigeria ever had and will be the last by the special grace of GOD. It is very obvious that this man has nothing to offer Nigeria.he said he was talking to the youths, between 18 to 23 yrs old,The ones theY can brainwash with their lies. Talking about nursery schools and university as achievements with talking about the chibok girls, electricity, how to fight corruption,boko haram and the economy ,comparing 1984 and now. Clueless

20Today we saw a president that is angry, angry because he is drowning.

21.SE stop your Hates for GMB, in 2011 we all voted for GEj only your region can’t get him re elected, now instead of him to render his stewardship in the last six year as president on critical issue like power sector, unemployment ,education, CORRUPTION ,and how all has positively benefit the masses that voted for him, but choose to be calling names, GEJ YOU ARE A ONE TERM PRESIDENT,,
When Papa Deceiving Pikin (PDP) was smooth illegally GEJ benefitted but now it is Pikin diminishing Papa ( OG

22.Did you see the campaign? It was really terrible for a contestant not to be able to roll-out his manifestos to the electorates. He spent all his time blaming past leaders when he has shared six good years in ruling this country. My guy, GEJ disappointed me with is so called PhD. I even pity for the school that awarded the degree because, although he is the President, however, he is not a good ambassador of the school.

23.Jonathan has spent six years in power.Six years of endless promises without any tangible thing to show for it.Now the day of reckoning is around the corner when he will be appraised through the polls.He needs to wait for his exam result in less two months.But from all indications,it seemingly certainly going to be real bad news for him and his apologists

24.What has PhD president done differently? How can some1 rise to the rank of a General just for the fun it. Ask yourself.

25.It is most unfortunate for Nigeria and Nigerians that a drunk president with unquantifiable ratings of cluelessness can vomit out of his latrine mouth that he had fought corruption by lessening queue at the gas station. I am ashamed of having this mad half brain boy as Nigerian president. Well, soon a formal president. Smart people like Fashola knows it.


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