1.For once as a Nigerian of over 41 years of age, a father of four kids (whose future hangs in the balance) with little hope on the leadership of their country, a catholic by faith, Ibo by tribe, I have now witnessed a catholic upright priest who has taken the bull by the horns and spoken the truth as it is with no fear or favor and devoid of sentiments. I am now beginning to have belief that God is still interested in the affairs of this country. To God I give the glory.

2.You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free thank you father Mbaka for saying the truth even if humans critize you God will lift you up

3.The man is speaking the minds of the downtrodden who did not have a voice in GEJ’s administration! change is the answer

4.Regardless of any past the Reverend has which is unproven as we all make mistake, this is the truth, Nigeria has turned a corner, this is the worst Government Nigeria have ever had, if Men where God, for certain a New government will be in power 2015.

5.I wish other Nigerian Pastors will say the TRUTH like this Reverend!! I simply say we need change in this 2015

6.Now it is clear to me that the Catholic Church is the truest church in Nigeria. Christians that do not read the bible: This is exactly the role of prophets. When Saul messed up, samuel spoke up: 1 Sam 15. The same prophet was there also to speak when David started misbehaving. This is honestly the missing element in our churches.

7.Hahahahahaha Father Mbaka too has had enough of this wicked government. Both the rich and the poor are feeling the pinch.The change we are aspiring for must come from the pulpit says Pastor Bakare

8.If Okupe See This Video He Go Cry ooo.Sure, this is how to preach salvation. It’s not politicking at all. Its speaking truth to Power like St Ezekiel did

9.Words like this will always hurt but that’s how you distill and distinguish truth from falsehood. Spiritual fathers have a moral call to watch over the nation and speak the truth. This simply is what i think the hurting father has done.

10.Only The Truth Can set you Free Which Reverend has in abundance. What he said is the Truth and It’s about time we set Tribalism and Religion Aside and Work for common Good. ·

11.Nigeria is in reverse. A president that is so weak that he can barely recognize that its military known for heroics in battles cannot rescue innocent girls several months after their capture from insurgents camped within the shores of a country he is the president of. It is a big shame.

12.This is very amazing, this reverrend father has said it all, i wish all the pastors will mobilise their members and tell them the blunt truth

13.@SIR REV MBAKA All you have said is indeed a truth .My God help us to make this change happen for the betterment of our great country ameen. I am afraid for you sir.

14.This is a must view by those who love NIGERIA.This is deep! It takes a strong and pure mind to receive it. Those hating this should check their conscience.

15.Speaking for truth. Rev Father Mbaka, I love this man from his music to his preachings. God bless you father. Change it is!GOD GOD GOD,shall surely bless u and protect ur family.Amen oo.NO MORE DECEPTIVE BADLUCK. CHANGE IS NECESSARY. THANK YOU SO MUCH REVEREND FATHER MBAKA

16.I could add to this message, but it is so perfect and on point. All I will say is thank you Father Ejike Mbaka, for having the fortitude to stand up and be counted as one of those willing to fight for Nigeria. We must stand to defend her.She is our beautiful mother. We are born of her womb. Many tribes one nation. We owe our existence to her.

17.God knows what we know not.Hard times are coming our way, and Mr. Jonathan did a below average job in good times. Do you think he will do better when the oil money is gone, because the oil money can no longer be counted on. Its price is falling and falling.

18.The next president of Nigeria must be a strong leader. Time will tell if the father was lying. When you are starving and running for your life in a few years because of war at your door step remember his words. We have a war going on within our boarders and this current administration has been below the challenge. Nigeria you are toying with disaster. Change course while you still can.

19.You live in a democracy if you like what’s going on vote for President Johnathan. If you want to save your life and your children’s lives vote for Mr. Buhari. Those who have ears let them hear. The truth has its own resonance.

20.Rev. Fr Mbaka has been a fearless man of God from d east.Mind you,this is not his first spiritual attacks on bad government,he also castigated OBJ and Chimaroke on “Wicked generation” therefore his life has been in danger but the God he serves never fails him.So,lets keep praying for God’s protection upon his life.

21.Do some Nigerians like the truth? I don’t think so…I really don’t know this Man..but listen to the message not the messenger! My little knowledge of my bible tells me God can use even a donkey to warn his people? Things are not right in my country!

22.Is it not hypocritical that some people will resort to destructive criticism when the Father’s sermon does not suit them? I can’t wait to hear what Ayo Oritsejafor, the arms dealer will have to say.

23.Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka’s new year message reminds me of Reverend Martin Luther king’s “I have a dream” message”… It brings so much inspiration and hope to discerning minds…

24.The Respected Reverend only confirmed what we all know already, just that some are still playing eye service. King Saul was equally anointed & rejected for failing God & the Israelite. GEJ has failed God & Nigerians. CHANGE MUST HAPPEN!
25.This is spiritual attack of the first order in the new year!.Don’t even know what to say…Rev Mbaka has dazed me.Hear him…”From Goodluck to Bad Luck”…”Our Leaders Failed us”…”Nigerians will not be calm in 2015″…” Hooligans have taken over the President”…” Gooluck is a Goodman”…”Gooluck met our Oil,our Oil experienced Badluck”…” Goodluck met out dollar,our dollar experienced Badluck”…”Goodluck cannot lead Nigeria”…”The destiny of Nigeria is bigger than Goodluck”…”Continuity of Jonathan is disaster to Nigeria””Anointing hss been merchandised in Aso-Rock”…I am taking cover o!It is a Bomb! A fatherly advice to the sitting president and the teaming electorate. God bless Nigeria!

26.Finally the truth has been said, at least from a voice that counts. Before you play this down and wanna continue with the bad luck take a deep thought and decide if Jonathan had done well. It’s obvious to the blind and sonorous to the deaf, Jonathan had failed.

27.Even the RCCG prayed for change yesterday at the monthly HolyGhost Night. The prayer was led by Mummy Adeboye.
Change in the air in Nigeria

28.Know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Change is inevitable. God will surely save us from this bad season. I love you Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka.
29.I am in love with this man of God for speaking his mind fearlessly and so on point! Please where is the part II?? The continuity of Goodluck is a disaster.Bad Luck has to go. We need Change

30.Jonathan is not strong enough to rule Nigeria. How can Jonathan say he knows sponsors of Boko Haram and yet do nothing? If he is afraid of certain people in Nigeria why does he want to continue?…Boko Haram will overrun the whole Northern Nigeria if Jonathan wins this election. We need a STRONGER figure as President!
31.I like your comment. Whoever that is distasteful of this should jump inside the well. Chikenah May God Bless You Sir Nigeria Need Change Jonathan And His Party PDP Are Evil. Call a spade a spade. No sentiments. The Reverend has spoken. All we need is CHANGE!

32.Listen to this fearless man of God.He never said people should support or vote for Buhari in this video, he said “total change in Nigeria however God will do it, Nigerians are calling for change. We need a change,” he repeated.”This is a preacher after my own heart!!!

33.If jonathan can’t stop his enemies let him go and let another take his office,if every other men of GOD can speak all the truth they know like this man if GOD,things will change in nigeria,,jonathan know his enemies but he is helpless,, what is the need of him in the office????


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