REV FATHER EJIKE MBAKA BREAKS THE INTERNET AGAINST GEJ AND PDP!GEJ Must Go! Change Is Here in Nigeria! Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka



1.This message is clear for all bigots to wake up. It is not about religion or ethnicity. It about a common enemy we face as a community of humans. Try something new and challenging like honesty.

2.Thanks for the analysts lovers of common sense won’t vote gej I hope ng change next month gej is lying and deceiving Nigeria Stop the mediocrity and bigotry. Change is necessary and inevitable. Jonathan has failed woefully.

3.Let me first of all appreciate your concern for our lovely nation Nigeria which I wish all of us would honestly follow. Nevertheless, I think is a serious error for men of God to keep quiet in the face of oppression. For the comment by Rev. fr Mbaka on bread and butter, let’s make reference to a phrase our Lord’s prayers ‘ give us this day our daily bread’, that doesn’t really mean is just only Food as you seeing it. It actually means provide our needs. Is glaring the scripture said we should be loyal and respect those in Authority, but let’s also refer to scripture when Saul disobeyed God, HE told Samuel to go and anoint David even though officially Saul Was Still The King. Reference could also be drawn from when John De baptist talked again the ill action of King herod thathe led to his imprisonment. Please think and search seriously if we should all including the men of God should keep quite while our nation goes into mess. On the part of rtd Mohammed Buhari, you made mention of him working under ‘corrupt Government’ which I agree with you, but let’s look at the works carried out by PTF which he headed, no one or institution could accuse PTF of any corrupt practices. Buhari honestly carried out his responsibilities as the head of PTF. Also history bears witness for Buhari as the only government that honestly fought corruption and indiscipline. GEJ seem to be a good man but he lacks the qualities of a good leader. For him (GEJ) to open his mouth and say that he knows corrupt people in Nigeria but he doesn’t want to mention names to avoid them attacking him; for his govt to say that they have boko haram members within his govt and failed to take any action; for his govt to accuse Buhari of been behind boko haram and failed to take action is a very big slap on the face of Nigerians. I 105% support father Mbaka that GEJ must go.

4.I would be glad if you could put yourself in the shoes of either those people from the north that boko haram terrorise every now and then or in the families of those civil servants that were not ( not sure if they have been paid now) for more than two months prior to Christmas or those families suffering from the wrong decision of reducing the fuel subsidy with the target of removing it completely. I was in Nigeria between September and October, I felt so bad cos the standard of living has jumped up so much without much increase if there is any in the salaries of those few working

5.i don’t know where you come from but,if at all you are from any part of the north you woun’t be here talking like this,you are safe that is why be careful,goverment is the people and the people is the goverment,,if some how some day you are in the church and bomb land that is when you will know that the weak president have to go

6.This man really bombed Badluck Jonadaft,in fact, na real ogbunigwe bomb Doyin Okupe must not see this o!!!

7.He must see it o.Because he said his oga is Jesus and the father mbaka thinks otherwise

8.Wow!! all I can say is wow!! Religious leaders need to take a cue from this. It is only in Nigeria that people say clerics should stick to the pulpit. But, here in England, the Arch-bishop of Canterbury comments on political and economic issue. We are just too religious for the good of the nation. Prophets in the bible comment on political issues so, don’t see what is wrong in what Fr. Mbaka has done.God will continue to bless him and enrich him with more wisdom

9.Thank you Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, I hope all Nigerian clerics will preach in the manner that this cleric is preaching.

10.Nigeria belongs to all of us, and the men of God are suppose to speak up when there is injustice in the nation. Fr. Mbaka praising somebody and later rubbish the person or vice verse could be as a result of change in the person’s attitude. Christ did same for tax collectors and yet HE told Zacheus who is also a tax collector that he was going to dine in his house.Please remove lets remove this bigot in our eyes and stand up against suppression. Pulpit should not be used for politics and yet a bad governance like we seeing in Nigeria today destroys the lives of Children of God

11.This is an outstanding Man of God. what is saying is the whole truth. For those of u that use religion has a yardstick tell that to Dubai and Malaysia.Where are the lies here? None! He stated plain facts about the present Nigeria.

12.Has some valid points. I mean since I was born, this is the worse iv ever seen the country, Kidnapping, I mean how can 237 girls get missing……7months now. Police cruelty and brutality, Really terrible roads, STILL NO STEADY ELECTRICITY that he promised. NO JOBS AT ALL., Now look at the bombings are so rampant that it doesn’t even make news headlines anymore.. Jonathan hasn’t done well, But honestly I don’t know about this Buhari guy, seems like an extremist. Moreover He is too Old. Why cant he be a special Adviser to some1younger. Niger needs a breathe of fresh air. Where are the leaders of tomorrow my primary school teachers spoke off?

13.Those blind fools saying that the man of GOD should stop speaking against the politicians,should ask yourselves a question which strong prophet of old till the time of john the babtist if you are a christian didn’t confront fearlessly the leaders of old when they start messing up,if they have bombed your father, mother, brothers and sisters remaining only you,you couldn’t be here talking rubbish,,ebulu ozu onye ozo odika ebu ukwu nku

14.I dont see anything in him calling for change, he is Nigerian too, Moses led his ppl our of Egypt. Do yo call that politics too? Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr led the the fight for equality amongst black and whites. So what are u ppl talking about. He is not contestong for a post he is only saying the truth about what happens in his country. This is what I expect all men of God to do, speak the truth and dont sit down seeing evil and keeping quiet. Look at major evolutions in the world and see how they came about. If una like go for change or continue the way things are, its left to us.

15.This is a prophet with a difference.If only we can have 2 of this in Nigeria.Thank you Rev Mbaka

16.I thought people writing nonsense should open wide their understanding to this message, it is not a message of support for one candidate or the other rather message of truth. We need to ask, where are we going ? Continuity of a journey does not amount to arriving at the right destination. Though I reside outside the country my kids are still in Nigeria and I monitor what goes on politically , economically, societally and every other way round. This present administration is running round in a circle and people with ethnocentric, parochial and tribalised view are seeing progress that does not exist. A change is what is needed and that’s what is been clamored for, should be embraced. The best of Jonathan administration is what have been seen .

17.I am a Muslim but i salute Reverend Mbaka for the courage to speak the truth in an era where pastors and the CAN president are used as tools to deceive the christians into thinking Muslims are out to kill them and only GEJ can save them. Reverend Mbaka i don’t know you nor am i a christian but people like you are testimony to the real message of Christianity message of truth and justice. May the lord guide and protect you and every Nigerian irrespective of religious affiliation.

18.An ignorant idiot you are and will continue to be till death separate you from the earth surface. show your ignorance to the world, tell them let them know how foolish you think. The ijaws didn’t give birth to us and can never see our end. if the continued insurgency sponsored by the Ijaws is what you are talking about it will come back to them. Everyone knows you people are the boko haram you can’t deceive no one again. Like it or not GEJ will leave office God willing 2015 all this your last minute panicking will change nothing.

19.The guts this man displayed in this just reminds me of Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. This is the best thing that has happened in about 3 decades of civil rights activism in Nigeria.

20.Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, you have said the truth at the time when others of your like (from Islamic and Christian faiths) sell the truth for cheap sums of money that they are not certain they will live to spend it, may ALLAH reward you accordingly and put you more on the right path.


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