Akanmu, Ighodalo and Kanu

Role model president

The incoming president must define goals and objectives to be achieved in the immediate and medium to long term. He must also demonstrate personal accountability in the pursuit of these objectives. We do not want feeble excuses or buck passing. Of utmost importance are the security situation and the immediate rescue of the Chibok schoolgirls. The economy must also be better managed and corruption minimised. It is vitally important to lay the foundation and embed the requisite value drivers within our national polity to achieve a socio-economic transformation. Focus must be on education, health, power, infrastructural development, job creation and national orientation. We want a president who will demonstrate good example and be a role model by his lifestyle, values and philosophies. We need the incoming president to be a disciplined, visionary, courageous, purposeful and inspirational leader who will usher in a new dawn of greatness and prosperity in Nigeria……Gbenga X-Adebija, Industrialist

A trustworthy leader

We want credible leaders we can trust. We want leaders we can believe. We want leaders that can understand Nigeria; she is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country. We want leaders that will be able to govern this country, knowing that people do have sentiments. When we have people with different cultures, languages and religions, one cannot pretend all the time that those things don’t matter because these are what make us who we are. Just by looking at my name, one can tell where I am from. For us to pretend as if those things don’t matter because we are in 2015 is what is dragging us back. We don’t have to use these factors to govern the country in the sense that we would encourage tribalism and nepotism. But we must know that we have to deal with Nigerians differently… Annkio Briggs, Niger Delta activist

President with courageous disposition

I want to see a detribalised, democratic and secular president who will have a strong vision of how to transform our country into a truly developed country with the enthronement of good governance in the politics of our country. One who has a courageous disposition towards addressing the several issues that have plagued our country for so long. I want to see a president who has the sincerity and commitment to address all the human, infrastructural, societal and moral deficits in Nigeria; a president who can address the unseasoned and gruesome acts of insurgency, kidnapping and all other acts of criminality in the country, with a strong focus on how to release the Chibok girls. I want a president who can address the issues of poverty, education, health, housing, unemployment and power…Dr. Osahon Enabulele, Vice-President, Commonwealth Medical Association

Peaceful, resolute leader

We want a peaceful election; the presidential candidates should let the citizens of this country understand their manifesto, campaign of issues not criticism. We hope for the best. Nigeria is a great country we should all work together to make it better. We need jobs for our jobless youths. Employment is the biggest challenge in this country. I do not want to talk about energy, Government should encourage private sectors by form of tax break. We want strengthened democratic processes and principles. We want political stability in this country. A government composed of individuals who agree with one another will be harmonious. When politicians have differing ideas on how things should be done, the result is ideally a debate that explores these ideas. I hope the two biggest political parties in Nigeria can give us this solution and move the country forward…Wilson Ighodalo, Anti-drug activist

He must have integrity

The major challenges facing us now are corruption, insecurity and indiscipline. I want to see a president with integrity and high moral standards. We need to build institutions, build infrastructure and invest in our people…Abike Dabiri-Erewa, House of Reps member

Clean the Augean’s stables

The first thing I expect from him is to take corrective measures in respect of the negative sting of the nation which is now no longer in doubt, because just last week, even the sitting President, Goodluck Jonathan, admitted that no part of Nigeria is safe. No one can say anything more instructive than what the President said, which means that the first thing anybody whoever takes over power must do is to correct things as they are today and then later prepare for a better, more sustainable future. We cannot even talk of corruption or sustainability now, with the way things are…Balarabe Musa, former Governor of Kaduna State

Return to the basics

The president should start a change through the transformation of the country which can only be done based on the minimal prerequisite of restoring Nigeria to genuine democracy and federalism. Anything short of putting in a new system will only be temporal no matter the noise made about it. The only way out for Nigeria is to go back to the basics by restoring her to a government that is in accordance to her true nature, a nature of a country stripped of many ethnic nations…Tony Nyiam, former Presidential Advisory Committee member on National Conference

Security is paramount

As a security personnel, I think ensuring the security in the nation is of paramount importance, especially when it concerns the Boko haram. The president has to take the war to the terrorists and criminals to make sure that we enjoy good life in Nigeria. The war on corruption has lost steam and needs to be re-engineered. The anti-corruption bodies have to be given new mandates because corruption has undermined this country in all spheres. Impunity from all people should be reduced; people who are found guilty should be punished because no one is above the law. People who committed crimes in the past have gone free without being punished. The president has to wage war against impunity in the country in the new dispensation. If the country is not secure, people will not come in to invest in the country…Ona Ekhomu, Security expert

He must fear God

He must have the energy, the commitment and the fear of God. He must be ready to lead the people. Right now, the fear of God is completely out of the system. We need a responsive government. Whoever is in power should not think about the money he has. He should think about walking Nigeria. It is not an ethnic thing. It is not a group of individuals who think they have power. It is about leading and serving the power. We must have a president who is ready to that and carry everybody along because if the president surrounds himself with private, parochial-interest people, he is no more a president of Nigeria; he is the president of a section of Nigeria…Abdulrahman Mohammed, executive member, Arewa Consultative Forum

Fair and just

We want a Nigeria that is united, peaceful and permanent. The president we want is one who will make such Nigeria possible. For unity, peace and permanency, there must be equity, justice and fairness. There must be equality of citizenship rights and equal opportunity for all citizens. No group is “born to rule” and another not born to rule. And if by chance one not born to rule happens to come by power, the country must not be made ungovernable with violence, terrorism, rampant blood shed unless and until power goes back to the group born to rule. We want a president who will implement the recommendations of the National Conference…Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife, former governor of Anambra State

Tackle corruption

What I hope to see is a man with a mind of his own and who thinks towards a better Nigeria. I want a man with skill and wisdom for tackling corruption at whatever level and who is led by the fear of God…Vincent Ekpo

Security first

Security of lives and property should be the key agenda of the incoming president. If insecurity persists, there won’t be people to be governed. The level of insecurity especially in the North is alarming, with lives being lost daily. I think tackling insecurity should top his agenda…Obinna Kanu

He should be upright

Those things I desire in the next president are that he must be highly disciplined, shun corruption of any form, feel the pains of the downtrodden and the masses. He must create room for self-reliance and job creation. This current administration is lacking in these areas. The performance of government in all tiers and arms is poor. Corruption has become the order of the day and the educational system is falling apart…Tioluwani Akinrinwa

Less corruption

I expect a less corrupt government than we have now, better economy and uninterrupted power supply… Charles Udenwoke

A sincere president

I want to see the emergence of a sincere president; one who stands by his word. I will like a president who can take decisions and look like he is not being influenced. I will prefer a president who has the people at heart. One who can identify corruption and deal with it no matter the person involved…Blessing Usman

Determination is key

I hope the incoming president of Nigeria will rule with determination, because the nation is in a terrible state at the moment. He should be determined to fight tooth and nail, and not to follow the old pattern of grabbing the ‘national cake.’ There’s a lot to fight against: corruption, joblessness, insurgency, power outage, kidnapping, bad roads, militancy, and porous borders, to mention a few…Omokunmi Fatoki

Effective, credible leader

Nigerians’ expectations are high. This is the most critical moment of our lives as citizens. The dividends of democracy have eluded us for long. The Chibok girls still held hostage need to be found, Boko Haram has ruled our territory with much freedom, hence, the government has to put a stop to the violence and bloodshed. We want an effective and credible leader who will wipe away our tears and bring dividends of democracy to all citizens. Ethnicity has nothing to do with it…Steve Nwosu

Viable economy

I expect eradication of every form of insurgency, stable power supply all over the country, a viable economy and jobs for unemployed graduates …Tony Kadiri

Power first

If the incoming president can not address electricity and security issues within two or three years of his tenure, then the country would still be in the same position or worse than it is today…Olayemi Olaleye

Fight insecurity

I expect the president to tackle insecurity and insurgency in the country, then create more jobs for jobless graduates and put more effort in power generation and distribution because most businesses in Nigeria depend on power…Light Nwankwo

Take action on Chibok girls

I expect him to do something about the Chibok schoolgirls that were abducted from their school. The issue has been pending for a very long time and necessary actions have yet to be taken. Also, I think the educational system needs a boost. The power sector also needs to be improved…Adesoji Agbabiaje

A man who plays by the rules

I want a disciplined and well exposed person as my president. I want a man who would contribute to the promotion of a good image for Nigeria, internationally; a person who has insight, knows what needs to be done and would do it without hesitation; a man who wouldn’t play dirty politics, plays by the rules and unafraid to be radical. Lastly, my president should be a person who has a high moral standard…Funke Akanmu

Achievable manifesto

The President should tell Nigerians what he will do and how he intends going about it. For instance, how will he eliminate crime and tackle insurgency? Also, the economy should be improved on; youth development and creation of jobs should also be part of the agenda …Benny Melikam

Revive economy

I will like the next President to tackle security issues, corruption, create power stability, ensure more infrastructural development and make policies to rejuvenate all non-functional sectors of the economy. These are a few key areas that need attention…Obinna Okwuonu

A charismatic president

The next Nigerian president should be someone who will focus on curbing corruption, set realistic agendas, tackle irregularities in policy, ensure sane business environment, and have great charisma…Suhaib Arogundade

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