Uzoije Ihediwa and Titi Williams

Nigerians react: New Year expectations

“I hope the Independent National Electoral Commission will ensure that peace and order is maintained”

A competent President

My expectations next year is that we should have a credible and violence free general elections which will produce a President that will transform the country for good. I also expect to have a fully secured Nigeria where we all can live peacefully with one another without fear of insurgency.

— Uzoije Ihediwa

I want divine uplift

In the New Year, I want to serve and know God like never before. I want it to bring me peace, joy, wealth, breakthrough, success and good health. I pray it will divinely connect me divinely with my helpers. I also want to find my life partner and secure admission into the university. I am also hoping to get closer to those that I can be of help to. Above all, I hope that neither me nor any member of my family will fall sick or mourn over anybody.

— Titi Williams

Responsible politicians

My expectations are high but the most paramount is that the poverty level and high cost of basic goods should be tackled. I hope for a better representation of the masses by those in power. I pray that the elections will produce the most suitable and credible persons for all the offices.

— Miracle Nwabueze

Peaceful country

My expectation next year is that peace should reign in Nigeria and the love of God to dwell in our hearts and homes. I want the country to be free from insurgency and for 2015 to be peaceful without bloodshed.

— Nneoma Okwuonu

I want peace to reign

In the New Year, I hope for an attitudinal change that would affect us as Nigerians in every regard. I hope the Independent National Electoral Commission will ensure that peace and order is maintained. Hopefully, I want a peaceful year and hope the next government will be chosen thoughtfully. I expect the next government to come up with new ideas and to implement them effectively. In the area of electricity, I expect the government to be up and doing.

— David Adesina

Quality standard of education

Our educational system is nothing to write home about. I hope something can be done to improve it. I also want to work hard to earn a good cumulative grade point average. If the education system does not change, I hope I get a scholarship to study outside the country.

— Oluwatobiloba Ajani

Want a new dawn for the nation

I do not see the coming year as one that to fulfil the wicked prediction by some enemies of the country that it would split. I see it as one which will strengthen the bond of Nigerians. My expectations are such that the country will begin to translate into economic success. I expect President Goodluck Jonathan to be re-elected because he deserves a second term. In the New Year, I hope that the standard of Nigerian entertainers will be better and the naira stronger than the dollar.

— Quincy Okiriguo

Closer to God

My expectation for next year is to redefine and create more intimacy and stronger relationship with God. Also, I am hoping that God would pour out what he has poured into me which is the gospel Jesus.

— Dare Babalola

Safe, peaceful country

I am hoping I would celebrate throughout the year and I am expecting a turnaround in my career and my life as a whole. I also hope for a better Nigeria, peaceful elections, good economic conditions, sound health, safety and security.

— Tobi Shokoya

Better Nigeria for us all

I expect a change in Nigeria’s leadership structure. I hope we would have a good leader who will have zero tolerance for corruption so we can move forward. I also expect the naira to regain its value. In summary, I want a better Nigeria for us all.

— Osas Aigbe

Free, fair elections

It is my hope that we have elections next year that are free, fair and credible. I don’t want any more reports of bloodbath, and I pray President Goodluck Jonathan is not re-elected.

— Seun Obalanlege

People-oriented government

My expectations are numerous but I’m hoping for free and fair elections devoid of bloodshed. Also, I pray for a caring government who will tackle the plight of the masses. I expect peace to reign in Nigeria forever.

— Fidelis Ihediwa

Huge success

Every New Year is different from the last, and so should be started on a new footing. Last year may not have been pleasant as I expected, but one thing I am sure of is that the New Year holds a tremendous change. I am sure that the paramount key to success is hope.

— Chukwudi Asiegbu

Better, secured country

I expect a better, secured Nigeria were there will be no deception from the government. My hope is that the country will also witness credible general elections.

— Cuzio Anyachor

Economically stable Nigeria

My expectations are that in the 2015 elections, the people’s choice should be elected to competently govern the country. I also pray for a peaceful and economically stable Nigeria for all Nigerians in the New Year.

— Segun Banjo


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