A NIGERIAN REVOLUTION IS COMING UP IN 2015 AGAINST THE PDP...OSINBAJOJonathan leading a visionless govt –Osinbajo

Vice-Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has described the President Goodluck Jonathan-led Federal Government as “inadequate and visionless.”

The former Attorney-General of Lagos State said it was unfortunate that in spite of the fact that Nigerians had given “so much” to the present administration, they have got nothing in return for their sacrifices.

Osinbajo argued via his Twitter page that the APC presidential candidate, Maj. Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, is a “strong character” that brings to the table a ray of hope for millions of Nigerians.

According to the Ogun State-born serving pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Nigerians should, as a matter of urgency, join the “common sense revolution” that would alter the status quo come February 2015.

“My fellow citizens, thank you all for your support. I am honoured to serve. Nigeria is great and her citizens give so much, yet get nothing in return from today’s inadequate and visionless leadership.

“When strong character like GMB (Buhari) is leading, it provides inspiration that change is possible and hope is not lost. Join the common sense revolution that GMB leads for a new Nigeria!

“To serve is an urgent task. One all must answer! Are you ready?” he asked in a series of messages on Twitter.

Also, a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, argued that the 2015 presidential election afforded Nigerians the opportunity of choosing between integrity and corruption.

“APC vs PDP: The choice is between integrity-competence of Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and Osinbajo versus the incompetence and corruption of the shoeless ones,” the Kaduna APC governorship candidate said on Twitter.

But a former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, has disagreed with Osinbajo over his claims that the APC is poised towards taking the country to greater heights.

Describing Osinbajo as a “friend and brother,” Fani-Kayode said since he learnt of his nomination as Buhari’s running mate, he had been feeling a deep sense of pity for him.

In a Facebook post entitled, “A word for Prof. Yemi Osinbajo,” the former minister accused Osinbajo of “jumping into bed” with the enemies of democracy.

“I have known Yemi (Osinbajo) for a number of years and I must say that he is not only a very pleasant and civilised person with a warm and gentle disposition, but he is also a cerebral lawyer with a brilliant mind. I have immense respect for him.

“Yet, sadly, ever since I heard about his nomination and announcement as Buhari’s running mate I have felt nothing but sheer pity for him and a deep sense of pathos.

“A gifted servant of God who is a favoured spiritual son of Rev. Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church Of God, has jumped into bed with one of the most consistent enemies of democracy and Nigeria?

“This is very sad. The truth is that each and everyone of us, including my friend Yemi, will ultimately have to answer to God for the choices that we make and we must live with the consequences of those choices,” Fani-Kayode argued.

Meanwhile, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, has begun an aggressive online campaign to mobilise funds for the Jonathan 2015 re-election.

To this end, the party has launched a website, http://www.pdpfund.org, a fundraising platform to raise money online.

The PDP stated on the website that it would begin receiving what it described as voluntary “small money donations” that would provide ordinary Nigerians the opportunity of contributing to the President’s campaign.

“Support the Transformation Agenda. Donate to the PDP. We hold nothing against those who prefer to donate anonymously to the PDP Fund.

“Whether it is one naira or one million, we encourage PDP Fund donors to register their donation on http://www.pdpfund.org for necessary acknowledgement. Small money donations that can be made from the comfort of your home online and on the web or on mobile devices are coming soon.

“The PDP cannot be indebted to one man or a group of financiers, the many who said they would give to the PDP hold us by our promise to defend democracy,” the presidential fundraising said.

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