1. I hope they don’t re-arrest him for attempted murder like it said at the end. Like most comments here, if I saw this being done to my child, the woman wouldn’t be around anymore.
2. Only God would have been able to save her from me. And that would have been if only i knew her.
3. Glad this didn’t happen in fluffy Uk where the father wud now be serving a long stretch for giving that scum what she deserves Well done fella hope the little girl makes a full recovery
4. How can someone do that to a child. I despair.
5. Thank God for cameras. And to all of you working parents out there who don’t have cameras: install them now.
6. He should have finished her off…how can anyone hurt a child like that….cruel wicked woman…hope you die in agony
7. Not many things bring tear to my eyes but this did and I stopped the video at the first kick. She should be locked up for ever. I think the man was slightly lenient. Some others would have done more damage to the savage.
8. If he’d done the same thing in the UK, for the same reason, odds are they’d stick him in the Tower of London for life.
9. My heart breaks for that poor little baby girl. Any loving parent would have done the same as that father. Hell, if that were my child, I’d call police and tell them to hold a cell open for me, I’m coming in for murder.
10. Poor poor little girl – how will she or the family ever trust anyone again – evil woman – she deserves everything she gets – I hope she pays for her evil actions every day she’s alive this shows some people r just plain evil through and through
11. I felt helpless for the child at that moment…can you imagine the child. You cannot blame the father for his actions against this women! This happens everywhere….it is sad!
12. My heart breaks for that poor little baby girl. Any loving parent would have done the same as that father did. Hell, If that was my child I’d call police and tell them to hold a cell open for me, i’m coming in for murder.
13. This brought me to tears. You vile, vile woman. How can you live with yourself after that!
14. Not so Jolly anymore is she?
15. I think he was 100% in the right! No one should ever hurt a child! Horrible horrible evil woman!
16. Around the world we are seeing these accounts of nannies, boyfriends, and even parents horrifically torturing kids. I don’t remember this as being common when I grew up. There is definitely evil and animalistic behavior which is spreading.
17. He’s better than me. I wouldn’t have stopped
18. I would have ended her pathetic life – for the good of mankind
19. “Police dropped the charges against him after he showed them the tapes” – They did the right thing. If that was my kid she would be lucky she was alive.
20. Go dad, hope the lil girl is ok!
21. I wouldn’t normally say this, but she DESERVED that beating! What she did to the child is beyond belief!
22. That’s awful ! She’s a monster! It’s just a defenseless child! God
23. What can you say Unbelievable
24. Oh God, that is awful – that nanny should be locked up till the end of her days. She’s lucky the child’s dad didn’t kill her – and no-one would have blamed him!
25. Poor little baby girl. I don’t blame the father at all.
26. Cheers to the Ugandan court for dropping charges against the father! Any good parent would’ve felt like doing the same. I don’t condone violence, but I think I’d have done the same were it my baby.
27. How, how could a woman do that to that precious baby girl? That first massive slap to the head was terrifying, my heart stopped and then again and again as my hand flew up to cover my eyes and then some horrifying images played themselves out when she took that broken baby into the bedroom. I’m not religious but I prayed and prayed that she’d stopped. If I saw that being done to one of my babies I’d most likely pray again because I’d kill them with my bare hands.
28. Can’t and won’t watch it. She should be locked up for life vile human
29. Good for the dad, I would have killed her for sure.
30. I can confirm the kid has been discharged from hospital and she is in great shape#Nannyfromhell
31. I hope that beautiful child fully recovers. It’s heartbreaking how vulnerable children are.
32. So glad they didn’t prosecute him. She deserved every thing she got. I also hope she goes to prison.
33. I didn’t know how I would react to a video like this having a little girl myself. I actually screamed out, stood up and burst into tears. I’m still shaking. Now I know what true evil looks like and I’d prefer to never see it again.
34. Showing this video is really crossing the line.
35. I agree
36. Why would someone like that even go into child care, she obviously hates children, vile creature
37. I would have done more than smacked her! She would not be functioning well at all if I had been the parent. How the hell can people like this get jobs as nannies, caregivers etc. Do they have any training for this job?
38. They don’t have any training,they just pick them from the village in rural areas.
39. I wouldn’t have been able to stop myself killing her.
40. OH.MY.God. I watched this with my jaw dropping and tears in my eyes. If the dad hadn’t beaten this “nanny” I sure would have.
41. This is actually justice. If this happened in the UK only the dad would go to prison.
42. Can’t even call it an animal because they do things for a reason.
43. Animals run on instict. Not reason.
44. It made My Blood Run Cold … She deserves to be In a Wheelchair AND Imprisoned for the Rest of Her Natural Life
45. Couldnt even watch the video after the first slap – sick, evil woman! I hope that little girl is okay.
46. That was no woman, that was a monster!
47. The nanny has got a dead heart and she was acting on behalf of the devil. She deserves the beating.
48. OMG…..I soooo want to hurt this so called nanny
49. Between the puking and the beating, this video is completely disturbing. Before reading this story I was starving, and now I feel sick.
50. Omg such a hard film to watch. Wish I hadn’t now. Tears. No words. …
51. I could have beaten her myself if she had done this to my child. I can imagine how the father felt when he saw this. The video is awful and goodness knows what happened when she picked the child up by one arm and took her into another room…and all because the child was sick. I am not surprised the way she was feeding her. She deserves all she got and more!
52. This made my stomach turn. That poor sweet baby, her cries are just etched in my brain, I can’t imagine one of my own crying in such a way. The Lord will have his say you evil woman.
53. Dad had every right to beat that nanny. He should have killed her, she’s not worth the effort to keep alive.
54. poor kid
55. I can’t even watch the video… what a beautiful little girl! how could anyone harm her! Daddy will protect you always, darling. Get well soon.
56. She got off lightly if that was my daughter she would be 6 foot under!!
57. Lovestosew, perhap’s you can support them so that they can afford to stay home and not work??? What an uneducated and STUPID response!!!
58. I’d never normally condone physical violence from any man towards a woman but in this case I’ll make an exception. WELL DONE DAD, no more than she deserved. It was a more even fight than the one she had with his daughter
59. Although people rightly say dont trust strangers with your children – most actual abuse is sadly carried out by family members including parents
60. I’m surprised the father had the ability to stop before he killed her after watching that. Evil woman
61. I cannot believe what I have just seen. I am not an aggressive person but if that had been my child I don’t think I would have been able to control myself. I don’t condone violence but I totally agree with what the Father did in this case. I hope the poor child recovers and doesn’t end up too traumatised.
62. That is terrible! She is very sick. The people who apply in these kind of jobs should have a psychological aptitude permission for work.
63. She deserves everything she got and more. Unfortunately there are many more of these sickening incidents happening everyday, they need to make an example of this monster and hopefully it will act as a deterant. Even if it stops one child from being abused it would have been a success.
64. And that is how justice should be served! Good on the law to get this right. America could learn from this.
65. That video is just haunting. I am glad the father is released and not charged.
66. This evil women should be given a hefty prison sentence and ordered to pay compensation to the child she attacked. I had no idea what I was about to view. This woman is pure evil.
67. i wish i’d never watched that 😦
68. Horrific. Beyond comprehension
69. What an absolute evil human being.. If you have no patience with children then dont work as a nanny… My heart broke into pieces… The dad was 100000000% correct….
70. This is the most sickening thing I have seen for a while, who would be so cowardly as to hurt a child like that? Makes me so angry!!
71. If that was in the UK the dad would be in prison and the nanny let off with a warning… GOOD on the Dad and the police The Nanny got what she deserved…
72. Good for Daddy! The women is evil!
73. Can you just, for one moment imagine if a father did that in the UK. The Police and CPS would be all over him, prosecuting him to the fullest. And the nanny would get help.
74. Poor baby.
75. Oh that poor beautiful baby, I feel sick watching that disgusting vile woman
76. Given he history, it’s a wonder there’s anything of her left to prosecute isn’t it?
77. If you leave a vulnerable child with a stranger that is the risk you take. It’s no worse than attacking the elderly, vulnerability is vulnerability.
78. Top dad
79. That video was horrible :,( poor child I’m glad the dad did something!
80. What a disgusting woman, she deserves everything she got. This video made me feel sick watching it. I hope this child can forget what happened to her. If it was my child this women would be in a coffin not in a wheelchair. I hope she gets a very long prison sentence.
81. Someone sent me this video a few days ago and without knowing I played it. As soon as I saw the first slap I felt sick, angry and was in tears, I could no longer continue to watch! How could someone be so evil to attack a defenceless child like that? The child was poorly and all she needed was a hug! Who knows what this monster was doing before the dad put the cameras in?!!
82. I think any parent who saw that would react in the same way of not worse. She deserved every little bit of punishment she got.
83. First glad to see this beautiful little girl survived such a horrible tragedy.Two glad to see the police did the right thing.Third I would have done the same thing for our children.I am glad the many was treated exactly as she treated others.It’s Times like this I am glad for Nanny cams.
84. This woman must be in jail for a very long time. That poor defenseless child
85. That’s probably how she herself was brought up
86. She got taught a lesson by someone her own size. Justice done right. Good job, Dad.
87. I would give permission for the father to kill her! Horrible, evil woman hope she has to feed through a tube for a while
88. Sometimes needs must!! We can’t all be fortunate to stay at home with our children
89. The most disgusting video I have ever seen!! This woman is pure evil!!!
90. Poor baby 😥
91. Nice to see justice done in an understanding justice system. Take note politicians and judges.
92. oh my god what have i just seen ,I am in tears ,poor baby ,the nanny deserved what she got
93. The father was 100% right to beat this monster into a pulp. Good for him.
94. Jezus I can’t believe what a just saw, Evil creature I wouldn’t of left any part of her face if I had got hold of her!!
95. When I first read the story I was a bit shocked at how far the dad had gone, leaving her in a wheelchair eating through a tube, however watching that video was pure sickening. I had to turn the volume off. After the first completely unnecessary slap (just to add I don’t think any slap is ever necessary but I fail to see what the child had done wrong). And to do that when she had just been sick…
96. oh dear that was disturbing to watch , your own precious child being treated like that . that bloke must have just snapped as would anyone watching their own child being attacked.
97. I cant watch but I hope to god she suffers for this..
98. I don’t really condone violence but in this case I agree with the father’s reaction – I’d have done the same thing if someone did that to my child.
99. Hope the witch is hung by her fingers and all passers by give her what she gave to the innocent child
100. That is horrific!


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