1. Wow.. Just wow.. Watching the poor girl something tells you she’s learnt to play dead. It must have happened for a long time.. This sort of thing is just terrible and goes to show an abused child will not tell you. The dad had to look at the tapes after seeing bruising.. She’s got a good dad taking care of her.
2. l have to say this video made me cry…. l cannot believe what l saw… the nanny deserves everything she got.
3. Good on the dad! Poor child, hope she recovers well
4. I couldn’t even watch the whole video. That nanny needs to rot in hell!
5. I am surprised the UK does not offer her a visa and a council home.
6. Was probably the nannys fault that the baby vomitted! I cannot believe that someone could do such a brutal thing to a baby… I felt sick after watching. Well done dad 4restraining yourself cos I might have just gone too far
7. One of the hardest things to watch, that child was use to being hit by her, that first crack across the head on the sofa was really hard but the toddle stopped crying very quickly, sick beyond words I’d of beaten the evil woman to a pulp to if she’d done that to my children, difference is I’d be in prison now, I hope she gets a very long sentence that poor little girl
8. Did people read to the bottom. It says the Nanny is now in a wheelchair and fed through tubes. I think what she did was disgusting but beating her to the point where she is left in a wheelchair is also wrong. This is just violence perpetuating violence.
9. One of the most sickest disgusting acts I’ve ever seen. This cowardly woman deserves all the punishment she gets …
10. That’s one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen!!!!!!! Poor baby! That woman should rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!
11. This is the worst abuse of a child I have ever seen. It made me cry for the terrible pain and fear she suffered at the hands of this pig of ‘carer’. What is worrying is that this is not just a ‘one off’ this abuse of children is happening the world over. Our country, our cities, our towns, our streets, next door, and not just by ‘carers’ or ‘nanny’s’. What should we do? BE VIGILANT, BE AWARE, BE ON THE LOOKOUT, LISTEN FOR ANY SIGNS OF ABUSE OF CHILDREN YOU KNOW OR DON’T KNOW!! THEN ‘REPORT IT TO SOCIAL SERVICES’. If this had happened to my children or now my grandchildren, that ‘pig’ would be dead and I would be happy to serve my time, however long it may be!
12. I could only watch a little oh dear that poor child , that woman is heartless and evil .I hope the little girl recovers physically and mentally
13. THIS, my friends, is why you don’t trust unsupervised people to watch your children.
14. I have to confess that I felt sick watching watching that horrible young woman ill treating that young child. Fancy standing on the child” back,kicking it,smacking it across the face and throwing it on to the floor. A pity the food she eat after the child refused it did not choked her. That nanny deserves Twenty Years in jail with hard labour and band for life from having any thing to do with children.
15. In a wheelchair and fed through tubes… More than she deserves.
16. Well done Mr Father, so how did that feel nanny monster?? just deserves, as a mother I would have done it, my partner wouldn’t have got a look in..
17. I Just walked into my living room to see my wife in tears watching this video. I hope the little girl recovers fully and her family came move on from this. Nice one Dad!! The so called carer shouldn’t be able to harm any other kids now.
18. I think it’s even more shocking that the child’s father beat the nanny severely enough that she’s in a wheelchair and being fed through tubes. I don’t condone that she mistreated the child but I don’t think she gave the child a beating bad enough that broke any bones or left permanent damage. The father is the worse of the two
19. The nanny is said to now be confined to a wheelchair and is being fed through tubes? Good – I’d do the same to such a monster – though in this country I’d be fighting our wrong-headed state for years afterwards…
20. This shouldn’t be on the internet for the poor little girl to find in ten years time.
21. And whyyyy is she even a nanny if she hates kids so much? and even if she was desperate for money, wouldnt you want to keep whatever job you had so you could support yourself? some people…..
22. God only knows but she probably beat this child like that the whole 3 mths. Poor little angel I hope she forgets the trauma.
23. I have seen many things in my life but nothing as cruel as this woman
24. My god I’m in bits what cruelty that little girl has had to suffer the father did exactly what I would have done in the same situation she got what she deserved only trouble is she is still breathing
25. I saw the video what he he did to her after, he saved her head and bet her with a stick like she did to his daughter. Seriously I would have done the same, how dare she do that to a child.
26. Oh my god that made me feel physically sick!! How can anyone do that to a poor helpless child??
27. I’m afraid to watch this. Just can’t click the play button.
28. As I look at the video, it is apparent the poor child had her “hands in the air” as Michal Brown did!!!! TIME TO RIOT!!!!!
29. IF THAT HAPPENED IN THIS COUNTRY THE MAN WOuld be charged with a hate crime for attacking the woman for hurting his child.. He will then lose the child face 10 years in prison and somehow the woman would own his home.. PC correctness is way too dangerous to be around here.
30. That’s what happens when you have hired help with no connection to raise a child instead of parents
31. I can hardly breathe after watching this shocking video. I hope this dreadful female gets life imprisonment – or better still: DEATH BY STOMPING!! Oh, that poor little terrified child. My heart weeps for her. The cruelty of this woman is beyond belief. Another reason NOT to believe in GOD!!
32. Well done to the Ugandans for showing how the law should be applied. I am so impressed. The nanny is fed through a tube and in a wheelchair and she is still being charged and possibly with attempted murder. This is how the law should work. Well done to the father shame he didn`t finish her off though.
33. If that was my child I would be facing a murder charge!!
34. Let me have 5 minutes with this monster.
35. This is so very shocking and deeply upsetting. The child should have been eating properly at a table in her highchair not on a sofa in front of the television. A small thing perhaps. Why did a woman like this go into nannying in the first place. The child did not even seem to be provocative but even if she had been, you have to control yourself. You sometimes have to have a lot of patience with children when eating. I sympathise with the father for beating up the nanny. Would justice have been done if he hadn’t beaten her up. I know it is wrong what he did also but you know what I mean.
36. My heart just broke! that poor little girl. You can just tell how uncomfortable she is around her and her emotions and fear probably running through her little innocent body each and every time she was with.her.. That pos got what she deserves.and more is coming!
37. The law i live by is if you act like a ruthless animal you will get treat like one, if you don’t like children please do not have children or become a nanny or teacher.
38. This video has made me feel very depressed! This evil monster have no right to be a mother or can never be a good mother, who didnt just prove herself to be a human!
39. I so glad he got to give her a smack before handing her in! And glad he had cctv, poor poor baby girl!
40. Good for Dad!!!! What is the max sentence the nanny can get upon conviction??
41. Well at least in that country she will pay a hefty price unlike here were crime does pay and very well from what ive seen
42. Absolutely horrific! The woman’s a monster.
43. How this disgusting woman could be called human?? I’m feeling sick!
44. That was the hardest thing in the world to watch. I’d much rather watch her get beaten.
45. Oh dear God! What a heartless witch!! And that is why I never ever, ever!!!!! higher a nanny….ever!
46. Watched the video, felt so sick, what a disgusting woman, poor baby
47. I saw the video three days ago and couldn’t believe my eyes. The slaps, kicks, stampings and walk overs. What is wrong with people? I am sure the maid would have killed the child in a couple of days. That is brutality at its best/ worst. The trial is next month and I wait for the verdict next year. A couple of months ago there was an incidence whereby an hiv positive nurse intentionally used a syringe on an infant after using it on herself. Her intentions were obvious. To my shock, the human rights groups (ngo’s) begun harassing the infant’s parents to drop the case against the nurse. I only hope these groups let this matter play out till its logical conclusion. I know you have problems; we have nightmares!
48. The nanny was hitting the poor girl before the main assault, and the way the little girl reacted throughout in a completely submissive way looks like this has happened before. That poor baby, I hope she recovers and has no memory of this. I don’t blame the dad at all for beating that sorry excuse of a so called nanny, and well done Ugandan police for applying common sense. Dad was beyond provocated.
49. I cannot believe she stepped on the child that way. The little girl could have easily died. There are some very scary people out there.
50. I am shocked to see how brutal this woman was to a child!!! The family is lucky to have installed security camera’s for their child’s well-being. i wonder if people realize that for as little as $200 they can have security cameras (4 of them) providing live feed of their home to their smartphones whenever they’re away?
51. I would have beat her to a pulp in fact the police wouldn’t have been able to identify her that’s how much I would have beat her.
52. Why… If that was my child.. God help me..
53. The father did what he had to do. Only a monster could be so cruel to a child (especially since it was her fault the little girl vomited in the first place).
54. The word is “stamping”, not “stomping”
55. Lock her up and throw away the key, MONSTER.!
56. OH MY GOD!!! how evil and a coward can you be to beat a child? poor girl, that was just horrific. I’m sorry but such evil shouldn’t be aloud to live.
57. What a nightmare! Evil woman!
58. Very, very rarely do the “Warning: Disturbing Content” videos actually disturb me . . . my coworkers ran into my office asking me what was wrong based on my reaction to watching this. What a vicious, despicable creature. The little girl is only two, hopefully she will never, ever have a memory of this horrible act. I’m glad they aren’t pursuing charges against the father.
59. Can a person be this heartless and evil? I hope she remind wheelchair bound and they should put her away for a very long time so she can think about what she did to a innocent child
60. Oh my God! This is horrific. This woman will never harm another child again, the father did what a father does, protect his child from evil.
61. Absolute evil!
62. That poor beautiful little girl. My heart ached watching that footage. How could she do that to her???? She must have been terrified and all she wanted was it to stop. Please let this little girl be ok xxxx
63. Makes you wonder how long it had been going on for, as any other child would have been screaming after being smacked on the sofa, let alone everything else. That little girl is lucky to be alive. Pure evil.
64. That’s making ME feel sick! That’s disgustingly awful, horrific monster.
65. Horrible woman, the little girl is lucky she didn’t get any serious injuries. Fortunately the Father had a camera or else who knows what could of happened.
66. That poor baby!!
67. That is one of the worst things I have ever seen I can’t believe anyone could be so evil , I feel sick to my stomach I wish I had never watched it , that poor little girl !!!!
68. I returned to work a few months ago and have really been struggling with guilt, after reading this I have written my letter of resignation. I hope that poor defenceless child has no recollection of these events and that monster lives in purgatory forever.
69. In the UK this father would have been sentenced to 20 years and then pay her compensation! He is lucky to live in a country with a common sense justice system!
70. If this had been the UK, the father would have got a bigger sentence than the nanny. Good Ugandan justice I say.
71. Well done to the judge for seeing sense …..if it was me I don’t think the nanny would be alive ….what a vile women!!!!
72. I don’t have children but after watching that video I would do exactly the same as the father!….outrageous behaviour and she deserves everything she got
73. Sick woman! mever trust a childminder
74. Not fair to judge everyone but I look after my own child, agree with where your coming from though, never can be too careful with my most precious
75. Did the dad get any references for the ‘nanny’
76. I can’t even watch this video. People that hurt children are the worst of the worst! If that was my child I’d be getting tried for murder!!!
77. Well, “the nanny# got what she deserved. Fortunately the baby girl survived, but her mental healing will take her lifetime…
79. Couldnt agree more!!!
80. Hear hear!!! That poor little girl and well done that father……and the authorities for making a fair decision in dropping the charges against him. UK authorities, pay attention!!!
81. No words to describe this monster.
82. That made me nauseous.
83. But UK want change the rules come what may…
84. I stupidly watched the video. It is awful, the poor wee mite. Awful
85. I would have put that coward nanny in hospital.
86. Yet facebook won’t delete the video as it DOESNT VIOLATE THEIR COMMUNITY STANDARDS!!!!! Absolutely shocking!!!!
87. That’s where I first saw it and it was absolutely heartbreaking and horrifying. I was shaking afterward. 😦
88. At least justice saw sense there, in this country the father would be locked up and the Nanny would be getting compensation payments.
89. Wow. How can anyone be so vile, what a disgusting excuse for a human being. Not even animals treat babies like this!
90. Oh but they do
91. I can honestly say watching the video left me completely stunned, if i was the father id be up on a murder charge.
92. I would have willingly done time if that was my child. I had tears in my eyes, that poor little child.
93. Omg I feel physically sick that poor little child , how dare she do that it will take a while for me to erase that scream out my head.
94. I didn’t watch the video – the pictures are enough. Disgusting to say the least. Try to find a sympathetic jury for this one.
95. Absolutely abhorrent……………how someone could inflict that on a child is beyond me………..I feel so angry…….hope the little one recovers
96. I’m in tears..
97. Hopefully thus kid will live never to remember this.
98. That video is horrifying. What a beast.
99. If this unfortunate and inhuman incident had happened in the UK, would the headline have read, “European nanny secretly filmed…….” Why is Africa so oppressed? Is it that you don’t know that Africa is a continent, or is it that you don’t know the country in Africa where this sad event took place? This is so unfair to the very kind, human, loving, caring and dedicated nannies all over Africa who are do a great job and committed to their work as nannies. Now the next time, a non-African wants to hire an African nanny, she would think twice right? Or those non-Africans who already have Africans working for them as nannies should start becoming distrustful of their suitability for the job? Why couldn’t you simply have the headline as, “A nanny in Uganda, secretly filmed….”?
100. That’s what you call a justice system. Way to go Uganda wish it worked like that over here in some cases.


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