Fayose’s campaign manager says big win “unexpected”



The Director-General of the Ayodele Fayose Campaign Organisation, Dipo Anisulowo, has thanked the people for Ekiti State for electing Mr. Fayose, the candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in Saturday’s gubernatorial election.

The Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, declared Mr. Fayose the winner of the election Sunday morning after Saturday’s election. Mr. Fayose polled 203,090 votes of the 733,766 votes cast. The incumbent, Kayode Fayemi of the All Progressives Congress, come in distant second with 120,433 votes followed by Opeyemi Bamidele of the Labour Party, LP, who polled 18,135 votes.

Mr. Anisulowo, who spoke to PREMIUM TIMES, said the PDP and Mr. Fayose are happy at the outcome of the election and the love shown to the party by Ekiti people.

Mr. Anisulowo said he personally did not expect the huge win although it was predicted by Mr. Fayose.

“When our candidate predicted that he would have landslide victory, I couldn’t envisage it that it would be so massive. But after careful reflection we now found out it was mass movement. It was a revolution. They don’t want the present government because of their shortcoming and so they want a change. Ekiti people we speak the same language. Even our body language is the same. And you can see that there is peace in Ekiti. People are happy,” he said.

He said the result of the election is a reflection of the efforts put by the PDP in convincing the people that Mr. Fayose is a better leader than the incumbent, Kayode Fayemi.

“I’m happy about the outcome. We’ve put in place a lot of efforts in this election and the success has now come and naturally we should be very happy. My party, my candidates are very happy about the outcome. We are happier with the reaction of Ekiti people and the love they have shown for us,” he said.

Celebrations that erupted Saturday evening in the state capital, Ado-Ekiti, as results from different local governments started trickling, continued Sunday morning with youth and PDP supporters holding street parties with loud music while motorcyclists took over the streets, screaming “power”, “power” as they rode dangerously on their bikes.

Mr. Anisulowo also promised that Mr. Fayose will keep true to his antecedent of delivering a people-focused government which is the yearning of the Ekiti People.
“This is a man who has done it before without borrowing one kobo from the bank compared to the N226 billion debt these people have taken and we have our blueprint to meet the expectation of the people. In the first regime we did not disappoint them and now that he is more experience, I’m sure he would not disappoint them.”

He also dismissed allegation by the APC that soldiers and policemen deployed to maintain peace in the election intimidated their supporters, scaring many away from casting their votes.

“When people fail they will always ascribe reasons for failure. It is not expected. In fact the presence of those agencies should affect all the parties either positively or negatively because what they came to do was to maintain peace and we thank God there was peace during the election. So if people have failed for one reason or the other they should not ascribe it to other peoples’ action or inaction,” he said.

The governor-elect, Mr. Fayose, will address the press at noon at the Spotless Hotel, Ado Ekiti.

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