ADDITIONAL FUNNY PROPHECIES FOR 2014A.Okay. Everybody giving 2014 prophecy and you think I will be left out? Helllllllll nooooooooo!!! angry
High Chief Daddy Sweetus Prophecy for 2014. 100% Accurate like bullet from actors gun! angry If anyone did nut happen call me bastard. angry
1. Rain will fall.
2. Sun will shine.
3. Super Eagles will play in World Cup this year.
4. Some people will die. cry
5. Lots of Sëx will be had this year! (A LOT I’m telling you)
6. Haters will hate.
7. Many girls will do abortion.
8. November will come IMMEDIATELY after October so please prepare.
9. Dangote will make money.
10. Car manufacturers will release new cars that you can’t afford.
11. Your Bank & Service provider will collaborate to be sending you useless SMS. Pray that God should punish them!! angry
12. ASUU.. Hmmmmm!! I see an unclear vision. I don’t know if it is ASUU I see or ASUN. Students, leave 2go and whatsapp and PRAY!! sad
13. I have a “special” message for Rita Dummynick. tongue Swerry contact me for this secret from above. kiss
14. Potatoes will potate…. undecided

by yuzedo

B.Grin… excuse me, i have my own prophecies:
15. Nigeria shall score a goal at the world cup
16. Many women will get pregnant and give birth this year
17. A governor of an apex bank in africa will be forced to retire before his tenure expires.
18. There shall be massive defections from one of africa’s biggest political parties.
19. There shall be massive snow and floods in some european countries. Fasting and prayers will prevent this.
20. Nokia will release BBM for windows in 2014.
21. C. Ronaldo will win the ballon d’or.
22. I will be proud of myself this year

by DK Jaleel

C.My Prophecies
23.Nigerian lecturers of Universities & Polytechnics should pray against the spirit of death that the enemies have sent among them.
24.A lot of highly placed unrepentant corrupt politicians & government officials will be buried this year.
25. There would be serious clashes of top political leaders especially old ones who had in time past mounted top political positions.
26. Nigerian Banks would face some challenges
27. I also see 2 state governors in big trouble.
28. A great man of God from the south will get into a big trouble that, if care isn’t taken, he may not come out of it easily.
29. I see God raising great & new generals that will take over from the old names who have allowed politics, fame, business & the love of money to make them deviate from their ministries & God given assignments.

by Foster cat

D.I’ve been reading prophecies made by Men of God  and they are mostly vague,so it’s time to make my own prophecy for 2014.Claim it if you want LOL and pray against any that doesn’t sound good.Thus says the Lawd!
30.I see many people dumping blackberry for Tecno phones.
31.Many youths are going to join the ‘yahoo-yahoo’ business.Pray you shouldn’t fall victim to their pranks.
32.I see Bayern Munich winning either leg of their tie against Arsenal in the champions league.
33.I see a breakthrough for ugly girls,the rich handsome guys are gonna be interested in them this year.
34.Massive sale for FIFA 15,EA are gonna break their own sales record because people are going to be more interested in video games after the world cup.
35.This year,boys are going to download more movies than they buy.
36.Argentina will beat the Super Eagles at the world cup(pls pray against this)
coolSome guys are still going to be a ‘mugu’ for girls,they’re gonna spend and won’t even get a kiss.

by C.Ovo





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