Baby casket illustration 

By: Moses Gold
A man who blamed his mother-in-law for his baby’s death, took revenge of her in a horrific way.

Talent Majoni, 27, of Mvuma, Zimbabwe, exhumed the body of his newborn deceased baby.

He then took the body to his mother-in-law’s house after accusing her of bewitching the infant.

Prosecutor Bernard Nyoni told the court that Majoni’s baby was three-weeks-old when he died after a short illness.

Majoni then confronted his mother-in-law,Tapiwa Madzimo, accusing her of bewitching the baby.

Nyoni said that Majoni exhumed the body of the baby and placed it at his mother-in-law’s bedroom door.

When the horrified grandmother found the corpse in her house, she reported the matter to police. Surveillance video revealed that Majoni was responsible for the horrific act.

Majoni was arrested, and he pleaded guilty to violating a corpse when he appeared before Gweru judge Mildred Matuvi.

He was sentenced to perform 420 hours of community service in Hozheri Elementary School.

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