I was on sabbatical with APC –Fani-Kayode

A former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, who on Monday dumped the All Progressives Congress for the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, has said that his decision was well-thought out.

Fending off criticism of his political cross-carpeting on Tuesday, the former minister said his integrity was not in any way compromised as he was merely on a “one year sabbatical” while his membership of the APC lasted.

The one-time ardent critic of the Jonathan administration stated that he is now “genuinely impressed” with the President.

According to him, he is “proud to be a Nigerian again” as Jonathan has begun doing what he and other Nigerians have been asking for.

The ex-presidential spokesman also added that his eyes had finally opened; a development he argued made him abandon the “losing side” for good.

“I am as constant as the northern star and I will never compromise my principles. That is why I will not stay in any ocultic group. I have been on sabbatical for one year but now I am back at home to stay,” he wrote on Twitter on Tuesday.

The returnee member of the PDP said he was happy to be back in the same fold with the Presidential Assistant on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe.

Describing Okupe as his big brother, Fani-Kayode said he is looking forward to forging a political alliance with the presidential aide.

“We are family and we will stand shoulder to shoulder and together we will scatter our enemies and the enemies of our people. So it shall be by the power of the living God. Achilles is back to stay,” he wrote in a message to Okupe on Twitter.

Fani-Kayode, who once described the PDP as “a sinking ship”, said he was ready to rescue the party from being submerged.

Also writing on his Facebook page, he threatened to expose what he described as the skeletons in APC’s cupboard.

“Now that I am back in PDP, I will join hands with others to make sure that PDP doesn’t sink. I will also make sure that APC is exposed for what it is and that it is finally buried.

“This I swear in the name of the living God. I kept my peace and held my tongue but they fired the first shot. Now we will engage them publicly any day and any time. Let the struggle begin,” his post read.

But as Fani-Kayode explained his own side of the story of his recent political move to Nigerians on social media, he received both knocks and accolades.

A section of online commentators stated that they respected his freedom of political association just as others accused Fani-Kayode of lacking in a distinct political ideology.

On Facebook, a certain Yusuf Bashir-Umar wondered why Fani-Kayode was “jumping from one sinking ship to another” while Lagos-based Babafemi Makinwa, simply accused him of engaging in “political prostitution.”

Adeola Akanbi in a tweet to Fani-Kayode said the way and manner he denounced the APC was akin to him returning to his vomit.

“Wonders won’t seize in the politics of this country. You say something today and do another thing tomorrow. Your integrity is at stake here. Goodluck to you in your endeavour and escapades,” Akanbi said.

Another respondent on Facebook, Olusola Scott, noted that he had wished that politicians in the ilk of Fani-Kayode would believe in ideology rather than political positions.

Scott argued that jumping from one party to another will never be in the interest of the masses.

Scott said, “I think it is time politicians believe in ideology rather than political positions. This is our problem and Nigeria can never move on as long as our leaders only look for greener pastures for selfish reasons.

“They have all lost the first love which is service to the people. We now have a situation where the served is now a servant to the supposed servant who does nothing but to milk him and send him to eternal poverty.

“Uncle (Fani-Kayode), it is high time you served our people rather than running around for relevance that can only come from true service to the people. I wish you well.”

As far as another respondent, Ayodeji Ajewole, is concerned, Fani-Kayode should not be bothered by the widespread criticism of his action. Ajewole contested that the former minister’s right to freedom of speech and association must be acknowledged.

“It takes a strong leader with character to have the understanding of times and act upon the findings made without minding people’s outburst. Fani-Kayode, be strong, people will call you names, just don’t mind them, always follow your gut feelings,” Ajewole wrote on Facebook.

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